Best Subaru Forester Mud Flaps

The Subaru Forester mud flaps and splash guards
The best Subaru Forester mud flaps offer style, durability and protection to your car.

Installing mud flaps on your Subaru Forester is a great idea. Not only do they keep rocks and gravel from blasting the lower painted panels on your ride, but they also help keep the undercarriage areas and areas around the wheels clean. Plus, I think they make the car look great, and I’m glad that I finally got to replace my factory-installed mud flaps.

Finding a good set of mud flaps for your Subaru Forester shouldn’t be hard. If you need to replace existing mud flaps, you have lots of options available. Or perhaps you want to install mud flaps on a car that’s never had them. Either way, the best Subaru Forester mud flaps are easy to install, and they offer style, durability and protection.

Here is a quick look at the top Subaru Forester mud flaps today. Scroll deeper for a full review of each one, plus tips on how to choose the best one for you.

Types of mud flaps for Subaru Forester

When you’re shopping for Subaru Forester mud flaps, you’ll notice that they fall into two basic categories. The first is the molded, stiff type often made of some type of hard plastic material. These tend to have a cleaner look, but they can be fragile when cold and more easily damaged when they encounter obstacles.

The second type of mud flap is flat and flexible, often made from a type of rubber. Floppy mud flaps are mounted flush against the fender well. They usually are more pliable and provide more coverage and protection than molded flaps. These are the more popular Subaru Forester mud flaps.

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How to choose the best aftermarket mud flap for your Subaru Forester

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best mud flap for your Subaru Forester. First of all, consider the fitment size and installation difficulty. Some people find that a no drill mud flap is the best option because it is easier to install and it will fit snugly on your vehicle without having to make adjustments or drills. But if you have to drill holes in your car’s body, then make sure that you have the right tools and skillset to do so. Otherwise, it could damage your Subaru Forester.  

You should also consider what type of mud flap you want based on your driving behavior as well as the kind of driving conditions you tend to face most often. For instance, if you often go off-roading, then perhaps buy one that can withstand a lot of damage. Ultimately you need something that lasts long and is durable enough for the abrasive surfaces on the road.

Lastly, choose a mud flap that compliments the look of your Subaru Forester. What look are you going for? This will determine the model of mud flap or splash guard you’ll settle for.

WeatherTech No-Drill MudFlaps for Subaru Forester

Are WeatherTech mud flaps any good for Subaru Forester?

These no-drill mud flaps from WeatherTech are a custom fit for your Subaru Forester, so they will mount to the existing mounting locations of your Forester without any need to drill into your car’s fragile painted metal surface. But if your application requires drilling the supplied hardware—including the QuickTurn fastener—allows quick installation. And if you’re handy, you won’t even have to take off your tires. And because they’re made from highly durable thermoplastic material, they’ll last for years. With these top muds on your Subaru Forester, you don’t have to worry about what might get thrown up against your fender or rocker panel.

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  • Material: Thermoplastic resin
  • Mounting: No drill mud flaps for Subaru Forester
  • What’s in the box: Depending on your vehicle specifications, parts may be available in a front pair, rear pair, or full set.

RokBlokz Mud Flaps for Subaru Forester

Are RokBlokz mud flaps good for Subaru Forester?

These are quite popular among Subaru Forester owners, and for good reason. To start with, they’re made from a polymer blend material that makes them durable and flexible enough to not only retain their shape at speed but also scrape and drag without breaking or cracking. You won’t have to worry about them cracking or warping from temperature extremes either.

Installation is easy: follow the included instructions and use the hardware that’s supplied with your order. The Subaru Forester mud flaps are designed to fit on your vehicle’s existing mounting locations, so there’s no need for drilling or modifications to your vehicle. They’re also quite affordable compared to other brands with similar features.

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  • Material: Polymer blend
  • Fitment: 2019+ Subaru Forester mud flaps
  • Mounting: No drill mud flaps mount on the existing OEM mounting locations. Mounting slots in flaps allow for some adjustability.
  • What’s in the box: Each RokBlokz mud flap for Subaru Forester comes with 4 flaps (front and rear), stainless steel mounting hardware, and instructions to fit factory hole locations.

Rally Armor Subaru Forester mud flaps

Are Rally Armor mud flaps for Subaru Forester good?

These premium Forester mud flaps may be a tad pricey, but they are well worth the price. Made from flexible, high-quality urethane material, these mud flaps will withstand extreme temperatures and road conditions season after season to protect your car against snow, mud, dirt, and road debris. The best part about these Subaru Forester mud flaps is that they’re pliable enough to flex when they hit stuff—but not so flexible that they flap around when you drive. In other words: they won’t break if you scrape them on something uneven or bumpy.

Plus, the Rally Armor mud flaps come in black or red and they look great on any Forester. The fitment is excellent and the package comes with an instruction manual and everything that’s needed to install.

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  • Material: Urethane
  • What’s in the box: The kit includes 4 mud flaps for each side of your vehicle (two left and two right) with a red Rally Armor logo

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OEM Subaru Forester Splash Guards Mud Flap

OEM Subaru Forester Splash Guards Mud Flap

These OEM splash guards are designed to fit your Forester and provide superior protection. These Subaru Forester splash guards are well made, and installation is easy, although they do require drilling a hole on either side to mount them. They look good and will keep your Forester’s undercarriage and side body panels protected from stones and road spray.

What’s in the box: A set of 4 genuine OEM splash guards from Subaru

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Can you install mud flaps without drilling into the car body?

If you’re wondering how to install Subaru Forester splash guards, don’t worry – it’s easy! Whether you will have to drill or not depends on the mud flap design. Many mud flap models, especially vehicle-specific mudflaps, have an easy, no-drill installation. Instead, they mount on already existing factory installation points.

Other types may require at least one hole per mud flap to mount. Such aftermarket mud flaps for Subaru Forester come equipped with everything you need for mounting, including instruction manuals detailing exactly where each hole should go.

If you’re going to drill into the metal body of your Subaru Forester, you need to take care of the exposed edge of the hole with an anti-rust treatment.

What is the difference between splash guards and mud flaps?

There’s a difference. People tend to use the terms ‘flaps’ and ‘guards’ interchangeably, but there is a slight difference. Splash guards are the plastic trim that extends from the wheel well just below the tire. They’re made of stiff plastic and serve as a barrier between your paint job and road debris. Mudflaps on the other hand are more flexible than splash guards, and they extend down lower on the vehicle. They are made from flexible rubber or plastic blends. The term ‘mudguards’ is also used in this context, but all three all protective devices that help keep your car clean by preventing dirt and grime from flying up onto its underside.

There’s no doubt about it, mud flaps are an important part of your Subaru Forester’s overall look and maintenance. No matter what kind of mud flap you’re looking for, just ensure that the design fits your needs!