The Best Long Lasting Car Battery to Buy in 2022

Best Replacement Car Battery

No matter how well you maintain your car, your battery is not meant to last forever. You will need a good replacement battery once or twice in your car’s lifetime.

You have a choice between two types of batteries – lead acid battery or absorbed glass mat AGM battery. Lead acid batteries – the most common type of car battery – use an older technology while AGM batteries are a newer, more convenient type.

The best long lasting battery type is the sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery. It has a longer life span with significantly fewer battery-related problems than conventional lead-acid batteries.

An AGM battery can tolerate large amperage discharges, making it among the most powerful types of batteries available. It requires little to no maintenance, unlike the lead acid battery. It is pricier too, but if your car has high-powered electrical demands, or sits for long periods, then this is the battery to buy.

Why buy lead acid batteries?

For starters, they are less costly than Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. Plus, it is a good car battery for cold weather. It can be difficult for an AGM battery to start a car if the temperature falls below freezing.

What you need to know before buying a car battery

Purchasing a new 12V battery for your car starts with knowing the correct battery size and terminal locations of your car.

Also, check the battery’s cold-cranking amps (CCA) rating, which will give you a better idea of the power current you can expect during those sub-zero mornings.

Another key feature is the battery’s reserve capacity, which indicates whether it can handle the demands of your high-powered car accessories.

Optima RedTop Battery

Optima Batteries 8004-003 RedTop Best Starting Battery

Reserve Capacity: 100 mins | Cold Cranking Amps: 800 | AGM technology | 38.8 Pounds | Dual SAE & GM Posts

Powerful starting performance and reserve capacity make this one of the best starting batteries for vehicles that require extra power. Thanks to its 800 cold-cranking amps, this high-performance battery will power up your demanding cars, trucks, and RV’s engine even in subzero weather – making it a good cold weather battery. With its front and side posts for easier connections, this battery can be used in almost any position – a useful feature if the car has limited space or hard-to-reach battery compartments.

Odyssey PC680 Battery

Odyssey PC680 Battery Best Value Battery

Reserve Capacity: 24 mins | Cold Cranking Amps: 170 | AGM technology

This Extreme Series battery is the most highly recommended car battery for off-road and performance vehicles. Its rugged construction and a tightly packed pure lead plate design protect against shock and vibration – resulting in an increased lifespan. This 12-volt battery, which fits most OEM battery applications, can fully recharge in just four hours or six hours and has up to 400 recharge cycles.

Best car battery chargers

Optima YellowTop Battery

Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 Yellowtop Dual Purpose Best cold cranking amp battery

Reserve Capacity: 98 mins | Cold Cranking Amps: 620 CCA | Dual SAE/GM posts | 43.5 Pounds

The YellowTop Optima is a powerful deep cycle automotive battery with exceptional starting power for your accessories-loaded car. With cold-cranking amps rating of 620, this is a good car battery for cold weather driving. With its extremely low self-discharge rate, it is also one of the best batteries for cars that sit for long periods without use. Just like the RedTop, this quality car battery brand is designed with both front and side posts for easy connections

ACDelco 94RAGM Professional

ACDelco 94RAGM Professional best OEM battery

Reserve Capacity: 140 mins | Cold Cranking Amps: 850 | 51.6 Pounds

ACDelco produces some of the best OEM battery upgrades for your car or truck, and the 94RAGM Professional is no exception. With 850 cold-cranking amps, this battery will have no trouble starting your car, even if you have installed multiple electrical devices in it.

It endures multiple recharging cycles and repeated draining -and lasts longer compared to similar batteries. If you are looking for a reliable replacement battery, consider the ACDelco 94RAGM- an excellent, affordable battery option.

XS Power D3400 High Output Battery

XS Power D3400 XS Series best battery for sound and racing

Reserve Capacity: 60 mins | Cold Cranking Amps: 950 | 48 Pounds

Popular among racers and car audio enthusiasts, this high-power output battery (65 AH and 3300 max amp), can be used as a replacement battery for demanding vehicles. Alternatively, it is useful as an additional source of power to boost your regular battery’s output. After all, it is easy to install and fits almost anywhere in your car.

Simple Tips for Finding the Best Car Battery

Here are other factors you might want to consider first before buying a new car battery.

i.    Your Car’s Power Requirement

This refers to Cranking Amps (CA), Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and the Ampere Hour (Ah) of the battery.

Cranking Amps is the energy needed to start a car at 32oF, or normal temperature. Cold Cranking Amps is the energy needed to start an auto at 0oF, while a high Ampere Hour (Ah) means that the battery can maintain a load for a long time.

The higher the power requirements of your car, the higher the AH your battery should have. So, if your car has many electrical devices, then you need a higher capacity battery of at least 40AH. A 20 AH battery will work well for a vehicle with basic requirements.

A battery with a high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is desirable for your car if you live in climates with long and chilly winters.

ii. Battery’s Reserve Capacity

This refers to the amount of time that the battery can run on its own power after the charging unit has failed. The higher the Reserve Capacity (RC), the longer the car will run after such mishaps as alternator failure or accidentally leaving lights on.

Most high-end batteries have a RC of 90+ minutes. However, aim for a RC of at least 40 minutes, otherwise you may have to jumpstart or recharge auto every time you run into mishaps.

iii. Car Battery Size & Fit

Only a battery of specific height, width and length can fit in your car’s battery tray. A perfectly mounted battery will be held secure, preventing vibrations that can damage it.

Confirm your battery’s dimensions by measuring your old battery. Or, you can consult your mechanic. Here are the battery sizes for different vehicles:

Battery SizeVehicle Model
Size 24/24FThis type of size will generally fit vehicles like Nissan, Lexus, Acura, Honda, and Toyota
Size 47 (H5)Will fit most cars like Volkswagen, Buick and Chevy
Size 48 (H6)One of the most popular types of sizes for premium cars. It will fit both European and American cars like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Buick, among others.
Size 49 (H8)Mostly intended for Asian and European cars such as Audi, Mercedes, Hyundai & BMW
Size 51RThis size will fit most Japanese cars like Mazda, Honda, and Nissan
Size 34/78 This is a large battery mostly for American cars like Chrysler, GM, and other American SUVs
Size 35Intended for the Japanese market and will fit cars like Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, and Honda
Size 65This is a big size car battery for North America. It will generally fit very large cars, RVs, and trucks from various American constructors
Size 75 A car battery size that was originally made by GM. It will fit a few Chrysler vehicles as well as a few compact vehicles by General Motors.
Battery sizes for your car

iv. Car Battery Warranty

Choose a good battery brand that offers a warranty with a long period of free replacement. Also consider the prorated period during which you can get partial reimbursement of the purchase amount of the battery. For instance, if your battery has code 24/84, you have 24 months free replacement period warranty, and 84 months prorated warranty.

v. Battery Freshness

When shopping for a car battery, buy a battery that is no more than six months old from the date of manufacture. The fresher the unit the better, since batteries lose their charge in storage.

You can check the freshness by a code on the battery cover, where the letter represents the month, while the number stands for the year of manufacture. Hence F/18 means the battery was manufactured in June 2018.

vi. Types of car batteries

Depending on your budget and your power needs, you can go for either a lead-acid or an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery.

(a)   Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Car Batteries

These are more expensive than lead-acid models. The AGM models are sealed and spill-proof. They are also designed to deliver strong resistance to internal vibrations and are thus more durable.  They also have a longer battery life – they can withstand deep drains. In addition, compared to the lead-acid models, AGM batteries have significantly more discharge and recharge cycles.

In other words, AGM models are heavy duty batteries that cater for cars that need a lot of power. They also work well in cold climates.

(b) Lead-Acid Batteries

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, consider a lead-acid model battery.Granted, it may not be as heavy duty as the AGM models, but it will work well with cars that have lesser energy demands. They require low maintenance and you may have to add distilled water occasionally.

How to diagnose a dead car battery

How do you know it’s time to replace your car battery? Here are five clues that your current battery might not cut it anymore.

  • Are you having to jumpstart your car more frequently?
  • Do you have to crank your car multiple times before your car engine starts?
  • Are your electrical accessories, such as headlights, windscreen wipers, and radio, malfunctioning?
  • Is your engine light on? Your failing battery could be the cause.

In the above cases, the battery life could be nearing its end. Or it could be a different mechanical problem. Either way, a mechanic will advise you if you need a battery replacement.

How to install a new car battery

Before you start the installation of a new car battery, ensure that it is the correct size and capacity for your vehicle. These should be similar to your old battery. Then follow this step-by-step tutorial to install your car battery.

  1. Switch off car engine. Remove the keys from the ignition.
  2. Start by differentiating between the positive and negative posts of the battery. These are often marked with negative (-) and positive (+) signs
  3. Detach the negative cable (usually black) and terminal from the battery. The negative cable is always removed first and re-attached last to prevent damaging sparks.
  4. Now detach the positive cable (usually red) and terminal from the battery. Use a battery pliers or a wrench to loosen the nuts or bolts
  5. Remove the battery clamp that holds the battery in place. Lift out the old battery from the tray and keep it aside
  6. Use a battery cleaning solution to clean out any dirt and corrosion from the tray, the battery clamp. Corroded terminals may be cleaned using a wire brush or a terminal cleaning solution.
  7. Place the new battery on the tray and secure with the clamp.
  8. Check that the cables are matched to their respective posts. Then, then attach the positive cable first, followed by the negative.
  9. Tighten all the connections to ensure that the bolts, nuts, clamps or tray all are not shaking. Your battery is now ready for use.



More Top Durable Car Batteries Reviews

DieHard 38188 Advanced Gold

Diehard 38188 Lead Acid Battery

Diehard batteries brands are known to perform exceptionally well. This battery from their Advanced Gold Line is good value for your money when you consider its high cranking power, long reserve capacity, and its longevity.

With its 50 AH capacity and long reserve capacity of 120 minutes, The Diehard Advanced 34R will easily power and run your heavy-duty auto. 

Also, the Diehard 38188 is specially designed for autos that have intense vibrations in their daily use, such as off-road and high-performance autos. This is because it is 20 times more vibration-resistant than regular batteries, and therefore more durable and better performing. Indeed, the Diehard is said to have 2x the cycle life of standard lead acid batteries.


  • Cold Cranking:775 CCA
  • Reserve Capacity: 120minutes
  • 3-year free replacement warranty
  • Maintenance free, spill proofand vibration resistant
  • AGM battery
  • Easy to install, can be mounted in any position

To shield your Diehard battery from electrical short while in use, battery employs a full-outline negative and positive plate design. Another plus is the use of the electrolyte suspension framework within the battery, which absorbs more electrolytes and shield internal components from destruction.

Finally, DieHard Gold Battery’s superior AGM design enables the battery to both endure harsh temperatures and be maintenance free. 

Kinetik 2400-Watt Car Audio Power Cell

Kinetic KH2400 Car battery

If you want to power your serious audio system without compromising your car’s power, then the Kinetic KHC2400 car audio battery is your best bet. Car audio enthusiasts will find this high performing battery perfect for their 2400-watt car audio sound systems.

It is designed to handle a wide range of demanding amplifiers, and can do so for twice as long as other similar batteries. So, you can use this 2400-watt AGM power cell as a secondary battery to power up your sound system. Or, you can use it as a replacement battery for your car’s standard battery. 

With its AGM design, the Kinetik 2400-Watt Battery is also maintenance-free and highly resistant to vibrations. The sealed design permits no leakage at all. Further, it comes in a reinforced ABS plastic case and can thus withstand extreme heat temp and vibrations. 


  • 2400-watt battery
  • Cranking Amps: 1700
  • 110 Amp-hour Capacity
  • Low ESR

Plus, you don’t require a capacitor for your system as this battery stores enough energy. Overall, one of the more powerful audio cells in the market.

Mighty Max Battery ML35-12

Mighty Max ML35 Car Battery

The Mighty Max 12V deep cycle battery is a great option if you need a lot of power but don’t have a lot to spend. 

Though affordable, the Mighty Max deep cycle solar battery does not compromise on performance and durability. This sealed lead acid battery one of the more affordable car batteries with all the features of far more pricier models. 

With its capacity of 35 AH, you will have zero difficulty powering your car, even if you have installed multiple electric devices on it. Also, it is not vulnerable to harsh weather and does not overheat even after long use.


  • 12 volt SLA battery
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 35
  • Weight: 38.8 pounds
  • Resistant to damage from vibrations and corrosions
  • AGM design for maintenance-free and spill-proof service
  • Easy to install and you can mount it anywhere in your car

In addition, Mighty Max’s deep-cycle feature enables long usage with no negative impact on the battery’s life cycle. It has a high discharge rate and quick deep discharge recovery. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, your car battery plays a key role in your motoring experience. So, when choosing your battery, you should be led only by the specific needs of your car. For instance, there is no need to buy a super-powerful battery if your car has minimal electrical accessories.

Our top pick is the Optima Batteries RedTop 34/78. It provides a powerful ignition power and has a longer battery life than most auto batteries.

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