Unless otherwise stated, images and video on Automasterly.com are directly obtained from Amazon API via a WordPress plugin.

automasterly.com does not own the copyrights of any of the extra images used in our reviews but appropriate permission has been sort before using the images.

Most of the main featured images are the original creation of Automasterly.com (where graphics are used) and other images are sources under the Creative Common license.

Ownership & Rights

Some image and video materials on JPL public websites are owned by organizations other than Automasterly.com.

These owners have agreed to make their images and video available for journalistic, educational and personal uses, and in most cases, the attribution is placed on the same page below the content where the image appears.

The use of such images on automasterly.com does not imply that we own the copyright of a given image. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure we obtain permission for commercial use before we can consider using any of the images in our content.

The copyright owner is listed in each image caption and for the featured image he /she are attributed below the page or post.

Report Image Missing Attribute

Whilst, we try as much as possible to attribute all images appropriately, if you come across an image that is erroneously attributed, you can report for an immediate correction or take down using the following contact form.