Best Car Window Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

These ice scraper tools will rid your car of ice buildup within minutes.

What is the best ice scraper for cars?
The best ice scraper for cars for cleaning snow off cars.

It’s winter and that means snow removal for cars is a daily task. But having the right tools for the job makes it much easier. The best ice scraper and snow brush will get the job done quickly- without scratching your windows.

We went out and found you the best car snow brush and ice scraper for cars. Our top pick is the premium Hopkins 532 Mallory because it includes both an ice chipper (to cut through tough ice) and a snow brush with squeegee (for snow removal).

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How to Choose the Right Ice Scraper

Here are some of the features you should look for when buying a car snow brush and ice scraper.

Shaft Length

Make sure you buy a windshield ice scraper with a shaft long enough to reach across your windshield. For small cars, shafts 11-17 inches are adequate. However, the best snow brush for trucks or SUVs extends to 32+ inches, like the 60-inch SubZero 80037. These should have expandable handles that disassemble and store easily.


Look out for a snow cleaner for car with a good, comfortable grip that will not slip in a gloved hand. Snowbrush shafts made from foam are preferable as they are firm and comfortable to use.

Extra Functionality

You also want to consider what kind of extra functionality your ice scraper with brush has. A multipurpose tool will enable you to break ice layers, shovel off the chunks, and brush off snow with a single tool. Some of the larger ice scrapers have a snow brush, ice scraper, and squeegee components in one tool.

Still, if a smaller, no-frills ice scraper will serve you just fine, our budget pick – Hopkins Subzero 16621 snow rake for car – is a great choice. Consider too, the blade, which should be sturdy enough to scrape off the ice on windshield without leaving scratches. The blade surface should be thick and slightly angled. The ice scraper’s teeth, which dig into the ice to dislodge it, should be as wide as the blade. 

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Best Ice Scraper and Snow Brush Reviews

Subzero Hopkins S532 car ice scraper and brush

Subzero Hopkins S532 Car Window Ice Scrapers Foam snow brush

This top ice scraper and snow brush tool is the perfect combination for clearing snow from your windshield. An Amazon bestseller – and it’s affordably priced, too. With its 26-inch handle, you get an easy reach across your car, yet it’s light enough not to tire your arm out. Additionally, the 4-inch window scraper blade features ice chippers that quickly cut through the ice, and you can use the built-in snow brush and squeegee to clear off the snow. Unlike scrapers made of plastic handles that are cold and slippery to the gloved hand, the Hopkins 532 Mallory handle has a firm and comfortable soft foam grip.

Snow Joe Telescopic Snow Broom & Ice Scraper

 Snow Joe Best snow brush for SUVs and trucks

With this extendable ice scraper, you needn’t worry about scratches on your windshield or paint as the head is made of non-abrasive foam. Designed for heavy ice and snow removal for cars, this heavy duty ice scraper has a massive 18-inch squeegee, and an inbuilt ice scraper and chipper to break down the ice faster.  Another feature is its auto-locking telescoping handle, which extends up to 49-inches to easily reach the upper parts of your SUV, truck, or trailer. For ease of storage, it comes with a built-in bracket holder for easy storage in your trunk.

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RevHeads ICE Scraper for Cars and Small Trucks

RevHeads ICE Scraper for Cars and Small Trucks

Although just 9.6 inches long, this super-compact ice scraper for car windscreen does a great job of breaking up chunks of ice and scraping frost off your car window. On one side of the RevHeads scraper are tough teeth or claws, and on the other, a window scraper blade that quickly shoves off the ice on windshields. Another cool thing is the soft foam grip to protect your hands as you are cleaning snow off cars. The snow rake for car is made from durable heavyweight plastic, so you can be sure it will last a couple of winters. Overall, one of the best car scrapers – but not for large vehicles.

Hopkin’s Subzero Pivoting Ice Scraper Snow Brush For SUVs & Trucks

Hopkin’s SubZero 80037 snow brush ice scraper for trucks and SUVs

Cleaning snow off cars has never been easier with this top snow brush ice scraper combo. A tad pricier, but its efficiency and features are well worth it – its pivoting head rotates according to your push or pulls, keeping your movements to a minimum and making your task quick and efficient.  Its 60-inch extendable shaft makes it a great snow scraper for trucks and SUVs.  Apart from its solid and durable build, features like the padded grip and the wide scraper blade make this model a great pick for heavy winter scraping jobs.

Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher    

Hopkins Subzero 16621 Amazon ice scraper

The Subzero 16621 is one of the best windshield scrapers for cars and small trucks. Its tough ice chippers are made to dig through thick ice and break it up. Then use the wide scraper blade to pick or scrape ice and snow from your car surfaces. Additionally, the ice crusher has a comfortable and firm contoured foam grip. Just 11 inches long, you can pop this ice crusher in your glove compartment. The best part is how affordable the scraper is owing to its no-frills design.

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Snow Moover snow scraper with brush

Snow Moover 39’ 10846 Snow Brush with Squeegee and Ice Scraper

The Snow Moover features three detachable components: – a thick-bristled snow brush, an ice-scraper, and a squeegee. The head is designed to angle in the direction of your pull or push, so you don’t need to keep changing position or motion while clearing snow.  This extendable ice scraper with brush can reach up to 39 inches across your vehicles, including SUVs and trucks. Yet the detachable components mean you only attach what you need. To store, pop the car snow brush and ice scraper in the trunk of your car. 

AstroAI 27” Snow broom for car

AstroAI 27” Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper

This medium-sized snow brush is designed to protect your car from scratches. Its bristles are soft and pliant at the tips, and tough and strong at the base. Also, the detachable shaft has a comfortable grip and ergonomic design that is responsive to your hands. Another thing is that you can quickly attach AstroAl’s detachable ice scraper component to remove thick ice on windshields. To break up slabs of ice, use the knuckles on the back of the window scraper blade.


Ice Scraper and Snow Brush BrandsWith brushExtendablePrice
Snow Joe SJBLZD car snow brushYesYes$13.36
Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice ScraperNoNo$9.24
Snow Moover snow scraper with brushYesYes$29.99
AstroAI 27” Snow broom for carYesNo$15.99
RevHeads ICE Scraper for Cars and Small TrucksNoNo$8.99
Subzero Hopkins S532 car ice scraper and snow brushYesNo$10.99
The best ice scraper for cars compared and reviewed

Some Tips To Help You Find The Best Car Window Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

The more features the snow brush has on offer, the better your winter applications will be.

Small One-hand Ice Scrapers

These windshield ice scrapers have limited functionality, often just the ice scraper head. A few, like the Revhead, have ice crushing claws or knuckles, but that’s just about it. Small, short, and lightweight, they are easy to store in your trunk or glove compartment. The small ice scrapers work well on small cars but will be ineffective on large cars with thick ice.

Large snow brush and ice scraper extendable

These have larger blades and longer shafts (up to 60 inches). Plus, they come with extra functionalities to make your task faster and more efficient. For instance, they include accessories or attachments like squeegees or snow brushes.

With these large ice scrapers, you can scrape off more ice per swipe, and some have pivoting, adjustable brush heads to give you that extra efficiency. Plus, the extra-long handle makes the best car window scraper ideal for use on SUVs, trucks, and RVs. They take up more storage space, but most have expandable and detachable capabilities and can fit in your trunk or backseat.

Best ice scraper for truck or Jeep?

You want a relatively long-shaft ice scraper (32 inches+) with a good-sized window scraper blade. Such an ice scraper can dig into the ice and move the snow off large windscreens more effectively. With the long handle, you will be able to reach far areas of the windscreen. 

How to use a snow brush or ice scraper for car?

A snow brush is a great tool for quickly and effectively removing frost, snow, and debris from the vehicle, especially the windows, mirrors, and other tight places. For layers of ice, use the ice scraper to break up and remove thick ice from the windshield. Apply long and firm strokes of the snow brush to clear the snow off the surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Our top recommendation is the Hopkins 532 Mallory This handy tool comes with multiple accessories to give you a reliable and efficient performance. If you are looking for a more compact yet high performing ice scraper, go for Subzero 16621.

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