How to fill gap in the car back seat

These top inflatable back seat gap filler will turn your back seat area into a comfy and safe resting space.

Best inflatable back seat gap fillers

When you take long trips with your family, you want to make sure that your passengers can get a little shut-eye in the back seat – without having to worry about them rolling into the gap between seats. So why not fill the gap with a good inflatable back seat gap filler? These car gap pads transform your car’s backseat area into a comfortable and safe sleeping area.

So if you are not ready to buy a sleeping pad or mattress for your car just yet, these back seat gap fillers are a great alternative—they’re quite affordable, easy to blow up, deflate and store away when not in use (or turn into a comfy place for your dog!).

Ogland Inflatable Back Seat Gap Pad

Best back seat gap inflatable mattress pad - Ogland

This inflatable car back seat gap filler is designed to fit snugly into most cars’ footwells. The high-density foam core will keep your passenger from falling between the seats, while the air pump (not included) that works off of the cigarette lighter inflates the guest bed in just 5 minutes—and it deflates just as quickly! At only 0.8kgg, it’s easy to carry and store for travel.

FMS Car Sleeping rear seat gap filler

Best rear seat gap filler - FMS car gap pad

The inflatable car back seat gap filler covers the entire back seat gap, making it a cozy place for pets and kids to rest on long journeys. The top is made of a soft, comfortable flocked material while the bottom is easy to clean waterproof oxford material. To install, simply inflate the back seat bridge via an electric pump. It fits most sedans and some SUV and can hold up to 300kg. The inflatable backseat bridge comes in blue or grey and is great for long trips.

The backseat gap filler comes in blue or grey and is great for road trips.

Berocia Inflatable Car Gap Pad Air Mattress

What is the best car back seat gap filler- Berocia

The Berocia is a comfy, easy-to-use car back seat gap filler that’s perfect for covering up the gap between your back seat and the rear of your vehicle. Made of tough thickened PVC with soft flocking material for added comfort, it inflates via a cigarette lighter (electric air pump not included). The inflatable back seat filler comes with repair patches in case of a puncture, and is perfect for camping trips, long drives or just for everyday use.

Inflatable Backseat Gap Pad for Car Camping

Best rear seat gap filler

This car gap pad is available in blue, light grey and navy colors. Simply inflate it to secure the gaps between front and back seats so you’re your passengers risk no falling into the gap. Like other inflatables, the backseat extender does start to deflate after 12 or more hours of use. A repair patch is included with this product in case your dog gets their claws into it and creates a hole. If you’re worried about this happening, we recommend using a cloth over top of your inflatable back seat extender.