Best wood grain steering wheels

I love the way wood grain steering wheels look— the craftsmanship, class and exquisite attention to detail are what make them so special. I remember the first time I got behind the wheel of a car with one -it’s a feeling that i’ll never forget. Not only do wood grain steering wheels look cool (they have that race car look) but some may even increase safety or add new functionality to you’re your car.

If you’re looking to buy a wood steering wheel, I found some options that I think you’ll love.

Momo wood grain steering wheels

Momo wood grain steering wheels

Momo has crafted some of the world’s most stylish and comfortable racing car steering wheels since the 1960s, including the California, the Grand Prix, and the Indy (my favorite). The quality is top-notch – as is expected of the Momo brand (well known for their rims, gear knobs, and other accessories for racing and heritage vehicles). The price reflects the excellent construction – If you’re going to go all out on a wood grain steering wheel for your car, you may as well get the one that’s built to last. It has aluminum spokes and the finger grooves on the backside will give you a comfortable grip. It comes in many different sizes, finishes, and styles, so you can get the look that best suits your car or truck.

One thing to note;- the wood finish is darker than you might expect (compared to the picture online)—and the varnish on the wood finish is satin instead of gloss. If you want something a little more gloss take a look at their black leather options instead.

Grant Wood Steering Wheel with Rivets

Grant Wood Grain Steering Wheel

Grant has been the leader in aftermarket steering wheels for decades and this 213 is our favorite – a classic, nostalgic piece that will add the perfect mix of style and sportiness to your ride. The wheel has a polished hardwood with a walnut finish, and it features anodized aluminum rivets for a truly unique look. Plus, the three-spoke design is made from CRS steel and comes in either matte black or brilliant chrome. This wood steering wheel feels great in your hands—lots of grip—looks great too! Yet it may not last as long as its more premium competitors. And you will require a Grant installation kit which you can buy along with your steering wheel.

For the price, this wheel is a pretty sweet deal. You won’t get a better-quality wood wheel for less money, and it’s no surprise that it’s been in production since 1938. However, some customers have noted some slightly sharp edges on the spokes and rivet holes. We’d recommend keeping an eye on that.

Looking for a good wood grain steering wheel for your Chevy truck? This 14″ mahogany wood steering wheel will look fantastic in your car (check reviews)

NRG white steering wheel with Chrome Gold Spokes

NRG white steering wheel with Chrome Gold Spokes

NRG white wood grain steering wheel with chrome gold spokes
Best black wood grain wheel
NRG black wood steering wheel
Best wooden steering wheel with colorful neo chrome spokes
NRG wood grain steering wheel with neo chrome spokes

California-based NRG specializes in aftermarket parts for racing cars, so they know a thing or two about high-quality steering wheels, like this white wood grain steering wheel. It looks great thanks to its high gloss white wood finish and chrome gold spokes. Plus, feels comfortable. But if you prefer an all-black look that has both modern and classic touches then go for this NRG Classic black wood grain steering wheel with a solid spoke center in black chrome. Both wheels come ready for installation, but you may have to purchase the hub and quick release separately. Finally, there have been some complaints about cracks appearing after some use but this seems to be an isolated issue so don’t let it put you off!

Feeling adventurous? Try this white wood grain steering with colorful neo chrome spokes or the classic black wood grain wheel.

Top10 15″ Wood Grain Steering Wheel

Best 15 inch Wood Grain Steering Wheel - Top10 deep dish wood steering wheel

This 15″ wood grain steering wheel has classic nostalgia style hardwood walnut that will add a touch of vintage to your car. The smooth finger grooves along the back provide a comfortable and secure grip, and the 3 three stainless steel spokes are chrome plated for a mirror-like finish. This wood grain steering wheel fits most classic cars, but you’re going to need a boss kit (steering wheel hub adapter) and a horn kit for installation. This 4 1/8″ deep dish wood steering has received good reviews on Amazon, where customers say it’s much better than expected for the price. And we love that it’s available in a variety of styles, like this one with rivets or this cute one with a girl pattern so you can find the perfect fit for your car’s personality or aesthetic.

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Flashpower Classic Steering Wheel Original for Muscle Car Restoration

Best wood steering wheels Flashpower Classic Steering Wheel

The Arizona-based Flashpower company is known for its top-notch wood steering wheels for classic cars and hot rods. They also reproduce original wheels for vintage Porsches, Jags, GMs, and Fords – so you are in safe hands with their products. Our favorite is this 15” classic wood steering wheel which is perfect for any restoration be it classic, muscle car, boat, hot rod, or street rod. It features genuine mahogany laminated wood, the traditional 3 spoke style with wide slots and a 2.5’’ dish size. The wooden wheel comes with a horn button and installation bolts and fits most car models but needs hub adapters (compatible with MOMO, SPARCO, OMP adapters). it’s available in a variety of styles, like this riveted one, or this walnut wood billet banjo half wrap.

Nardi Wood Steering Wheels

Nardi Steering Wheel Deep Dish Corn 350 mm Mahogany Wood With Black Spokes Classic Horn Button
Nardi steering wheel with black spokes
Nardi Wood grain Steering Wheel
Nardi steering wheel with polished spokes

Nardi’s line of wood grain steering wheels are world-renowned for their premium quality and classic style and have been used in some of the world’s most famous cars including Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini. So you know you’re getting premium quality ( at a premium price too). Our pick is this classic wooden steering wheel with a 360mm diameter with a high-quality wooden rim and polished spokes (with E. Nardi’s signature engraved on the right spoke for a truly authentic look and feel). It has a 25mm dish, and the Nardi horn button and center ring are included. This luxury wood grain steering wheel model is compatible with hubs that support a 6 bolt pattern with 74mm PCD

Other Nardi real wood steering wheel options include the African mahogany Steering Wheel and the deep dish mahogany steering wheel with black spokes.

How can you tell a fake Nardi? Not sure if your Nardi is real? If you bought your Nardi steering wheel from an authorized dealer, you can rest easy. But if you’re still not sure, all you have to do is put your steering wheel’s serial number on this website link and it’ll tell you whether your Nardi is genuine or not.

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Wood grain steering wheel brandFeaturesDiameterColorPriceRating
Momo Heritage California1.457 in. dish, bolt pattern:
6 x 70mm, Spoke Material:
Aluminum, horn button included
 13 3/4 in/350 mm.Mahogany$299.954.5/5
Momo Indy wood grain steering wheel1.457 in. dish, bolt pattern:
6 x 70mm, Spoke Material:
Aluminum, horn button included
 13 3/4 in/350 mm.Mahogany$345.004.5/5
MOMO Grand Prix Mahogany Wood Steering Wheel1.457 in. dish, bolt pattern:
6 x 70mm, Spoke Material:
Aluminum, horn button included
 13 3/4 in/350 mm.Mahogany$297.004.5/5
Grant 213 Classic Wood Steering Wheel with Rivets3.75 inch dish, chrome spokes, horn button included, Bolt pattern 5X2.75″,13.5in/345 mmHardwood Walnut$150.994.5/5
Top10 15″ Wood Grain Steering Wheel 4 1/8″ dish, bolt pattern:
6 x 70mm, horn button included
380mm (15″ Inch)hardwood walnut$108.994/5
Nardi Wood Steering WheelAluminium glossy spokes, horn button with Nardi logo included, 6X74 mm bolt pattern390 mm (15.35 inches)Mahogany Wood$479.955/5
Flashpower Classic Steering Wheel2.5” dish, Aluminum Spoke, 6 Bolts Compatable With Momo,Sparco,Omp Adapters (Not Included)15 inch (395 mm)Walnut wood$335.004.5/5
NRG white wood grain steering wheelDish Depth: 2″/50.80mm dish, neo Chrome/Chrome Gold spokes, includes horn button, Fits onto hubs with 70mm bolt pattern13.78″ / 350mm, 1.50″ / 38mm dish,White Wood Grain$160.114.5/5

How to choose the best wood grain steering wheel Kit

When you’re buying the best wooden steering wheel, the first thing you want to consider is its compatibility with your car. Most wood steering wheels are a universal fit, but you’ll still need to get the right boss kit (steering wheel adapter kit) and horn (if it’s not included in the purchase). If you’re not sure what type of boss kit or horn to get, check out the wheel guide’s manual or instructions.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a quality product that will last you a long time. Not all wooden steering wheels are made equal – some are more premium than others, so if you want something that will last a long time and look good doing it, then consider splurging on a higher-end option. In this review, we focused on hardwood steering wheels made from mahogany, walnut, and oak—these are known to be more durable than softer woods like cherry wood and cedar

Also check – are the installation kit, horn button and other accessories included in the purchase? If not, look into buying them separately. Finally, consider the overall look and design of the wheel. Do you want a deep dish design? What about spoke material – aluminum or steel, gold plated or neo chrome? Other factors include the diameter of the wheel, the horn design, and any other design factors that are important to you.  So read up on all of your options and find the perfect wood steering wheel for your car!

Why choose a wood grain steering wheel?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to steering wheel materials. So why go for wood?

Wooden steering wheels have a unique vintage look, making them the first choice for classic and luxurious cars. They are crafted out of different types of wood, including maple, walnut, and mahogany, and can be stained to give them a more customized look. They’re also great in tough weather conditions and unlike metal steering wheels, they don’t get too cold or too hot in the winter or summer. What’s more, the wood material is resistant to wear and tear —it’s also treated—which is why they have a longevity that’s pretty much unmatched by leather and other material. The way wood grain  steering wheels are finished makes them almost maintenance-free: you only need to wipe them down and apply a coat of wax from time to time.

However, high-end wooden steering wheels cost substantially more due to the exotic woods and craftsmanship that goes into each steering wheel.

Are Aftermarket Steering Wheels Legal?

The short answer to that question is yes. You can put an aftermarket wooden steering wheel in your car or truck. But there are some restrictions and things to keep in mind, so let’s explore those first.

If it’s for show or off-road purposes, it should be fine. And if your car didn’t come with an airbag from the factory, which is typically cars made before the early 90s, then you can legally change your steering wheel to a replacement steering wheel. However, if your car does have an airbag as a standard fitment, then the replacement steering wheel should have an airbag.

While there technically isn’t a law saying that you can’t change out your steering wheel, you could end up getting a ticket if ever get pulled over since you removed the airbag from the car. Whether or not you can legally drive a car without airbags depends on your insurance policy and state of residence. In some states and jurisdictions, such as California and Illinois, having an airbag-equipped vehicle is required by law.

So when choosing an aftermarket steering wheel for your car, it is important to determine whether or not is legal where youlive.