The Best Brand of Windshield Wipers to Buy in 2022

These wiper blades give you terrific visibility in any weather.

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When the weather outside is just terrible, you need the kind of wiper blades that will keep your windshield clear so you can see ahead. The best windshield wipers will give you good visibilty even if you’re driving through torrential rain and snow.  On the other hand, it is quite risky to drive with worn-out windshield wipers- these should be replaced immediately.

How to tell whether you need new windshield wipers

If your current wiper blades are causing streaking or hazing on the windshield when it rains or snows, it is time for new ones.  If your wiper blades make a chattering sound when you activate them, it means they’re not swiping smoothly, but popping up and down as they go. Inspect the rubber edge – does it look worn or torn in places?  Is the wiper’s metal arm is bent or cracked?  If yes, then it is time to switch to new wiper blades.

Best windshield wiper brands to buy

Our windshield wiper reviews found the Bosch ICON, the Rain-X Latitude, and the PIAA Super Silicone to be the best brands of windshield wipers.

Type of windshield wiper

When choosing aftermarket windshield wipers, keep in mind that there are several types available on the market.

Conventional type wiper blade

Also known as traditional type wiper brands, these have a metal-frame style blade with a rubber squeegee. They are the most common and least expensive type. Snow, ice, and debris can get trapped between the metal parts.

Beam windshield wiper blades

These are a sleek, single-piece style design with no frame. The blade is made from silicone or dual rubber. They are the most expensive, last the longest and have the best performance. Many consider them the best type of wiper blades.

Hybrid windshield wipers

The hybrid style borrows elements from both the conventional and beam styles. A plastic casing hides part of the frame, and the blade borrows its style from the beam design.

Apart from the windshield type, there are a couple of other factors to consider when choosing a windshield. Scroll down to the buying guide below to learn more.

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Bosch Icon 26a Wiper Blade

Bosch Icon best overall wiper blades

Type: Beam | Size: 13″ to 24″ and 26 | Blade material – FX rubber

The Bosch Icon blade packs some incredible features for top performance and longevity. Indeed, new luxury cars like the Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz come fitted with these blades, which speaks to its quality. These beam wiper blades are made of the special FX dual rubber which increases their lifespan by 40% and reduces the chattering noise present in some blades. Additionally, they are fitted with dual-tension steel springs that ensure the exertion of uniform pressure on the windscreen. Overall, a premium wiper blade that works perfectly even in plenty of rain and snow.

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Anco 31 series wiper blades

Anco best budget Windshield Wipers

Type: Conventional style wipers | Blade Material – DuraKlear rubber| Size: 10″ – 28″ lengths

Available in a variety of sizes, these OEM replacement wiper blades are a good fit for most vehicles. They are pretty affordable compared to other traditional-style wiper blades. The blade is made of DuraKlear rubber which gives you a quiet, long-lasting, and streak-free performance. Anco 31-Series is among the top conventional windshield wiper brands on the market. However, it is not for cars with high curvature windscreens. 

Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency Wipers

Rain-X  best wiper blades for heavy rain

Type: Beam Wiper | Size: 18″ – 28″ lengths | Water-repelling coating

The Rain-X water repellent coating is transferred to your windscreen from the blade during the first use. The coating allows water to bead and roll right off the windscreen, so you can see clearly while driving in the rain – making this one of the best wipers for rain.  Additionally, this frameless wiper blade contours itself to the curved shape of the windscreen resulting in smooth, streak-free, and noise-free swipes. Finally, the blades are made of synthetic rubber coated with premium graphite- quality materials that make the Rain-x Latitude durable and able to withstand harsh weather.

PIAA super silicone wiper blades

PIAA super silicone best silicone wiper blades

Type: Conventional | Material – Silicone rubber| | Size: 12″ – 26″ lengths

The PIAA Silicone wiper blades are made of silicone rubber that’s highly durable and resistant to UV rays. They last twice as long as other windshield wipers on the market. Plus, its water-repellent coating causes water to bead and quickly slide off the windscreen so you can see ahead even in heavy rain. The PIAA wiper blades use the exo-frame design to give you a sturdy and lightweight construction. And, the flexibility of the silicone ensures that the blades contour to the curvature of the windshield glass. With these wiper blades, you can be sure of smooth, streak-free performance.

Valeo wiper blades

Valeo 900 Series Wiper blade brands

Type: Beam style wiper | Size: 15″ – 29″ lengths | Blade material: Tec3 rubber

The Valeo brand makes some of the finest windshield wipers, and the Valeo 900 wiper blade does not disappoint. This beam-style blade is made using the Tec3 rubber that promotes a durable, streak-free, noiseless performance.  The frameless wiper blade has zero metal frames in which ice or snow can collect, making it an excellent all-season windshield wiper. And because the blade is reinforced with tension steel springs, the pressure is applied equally across the blade so there are no skips or streaming. Overall, this competitively-priced option is an excellent choice for motorists that experience average rain, snow, and ice

Trico Exact Fit Windshield Blades Brand

Trico Exact Fit  top traditional wiper blades

As far as OEM replacement wiper blades go, the Trico Exact Fit blade brand offers a great variety. With this brand, you have a choice of three aftermarket wiper blade types; – beam, hybrid, and conventional. It is also available as front or rear windshield wipers. Installation is super easy, as the units come ready with pre-installed connectors.

Let’s start with the Trico Exact Fit Beam Blade option, which has superior features of top-quality beam blades. Additionally, its Memory Curve steel beam exerts uniform pressure on the windshield. Then there is the Trico Exact Fit Hybrid Wiper, whose strong polymer shell eliminates ice and snow pile-ups, making it a great all-weather blade. Finally, there are the budget-friendly Trico Exact Fit Conventional front and rear wiper blades. These perform much better than other stock wiper blades, delivering a smooth and streak-free wipe. Overall, Trico offers a great variety of aftermarket wipers from which you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. 

Things to Consider

Although we’ve already talked about the different types of windscreen wipers, there are a few other things you might want to think about before making your purchase.

Wiper blade material

The blades used to clean your windshield are made out of different materials.

     I.        Rubber Blades

Most wiper blade brands use rubber for their blades. Rubber blades are less durable and are likely to require replacement sooner than silicone and coated-rubber blades. Thankfully, they are less expensive too.

    II.        Silicone blades

Compared to rubber, silicone blades are much more durable and costly. But they are worth it since you won’t need to replace them often. Plus, these car wipers are great for all types of seasons and uses, including off-road vehicles. Some silicone windshield blades are refillable, making them among the longest lasting wiper blades on the market.

  III.        Coated Blades

Here, the rubber is coated with a material such as graphite or Teflon which increases its lifespan. Though slightly more expensive than rubber, you will make some savings in the long run since you won’t have to buy replacement windshield wipers often.

Size of the Wiper Blades

Getting the right size of your wiper is critical if you want to avoid running into compatibility or installation problems. How do you find the right size of your wiper blade? One way is by measuring your current windshield wipers, or you can refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. So, whether you want to replace your passenger’s, driver’s or rear wipers, be sure to verify that the size is right.

Attachment style

This refers to the mechanism of how the blade attaches to the wiper arm. Many replacement windshield wipers have a universal fit and come with adapters for different cars. The most common mount is the j-hook, others include side-lock, pinch-tab, and top-lock, among others. Either way, it is a good idea to confirm the fitment styles of your chosen windshield wiper

More windshield wiper blades reviews

PIAA Aero Vogue wiper blades

PIAA Aero Vogue Premium wiper brand for big spenders

Style- Hybrid wipers  | Size: 12″ – 26″ lengths | Blade material: Silicone rubber

This hybrid-style wiper incorporates elements of a traditional frame with aero-style wipers. The sleek frame features an aero cover that minimizes blade chatter and wind lift at higher speeds. And just like the Super Silicone wiper reviewed above, the PIAA Aero Vogue is made of refillable silicone rubber blades and a water-repellent silicone coating. These quality wiper blades are great for rainy conditions but are not suitable for heavy snow.

Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper Blades

Rain-X best wiper blades for snow and ice

Traditional-style wiper | Size: 18″ – 28″ lengths

If you often drive in harsh weather conditions, you want a wiper blade that can handle the snow or frost efficiently. The Rain-X Weatherbeater is designed for just that. This traditional-style wiper features a galvanized steel frame that is strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Plus, its squeegee is made of tough, natural rubber. So, you will not see any tears or cracks due to heat or cold. Plus, the Rain-X’s blade is designed with multiple pressure points to perfectly conform to the windshield’s curve and leave your windshield clean and streak-free.

Michelin Stealth Hybrid wiper blade

Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid Wiper Blade

Hybrid-style blade | Size: 14″ – 28″ lengths

Michelin Stealth blade’s smart hinged cover protects the frame from clogging with dirt, bugs, and snow. The wiper also features the Smart-Flex technology that conforms to the curvature of your windshield for a strong wipe and better visibility, even in extreme weather. Another interesting feature of the cover is that it is segmented to increase the flexibility of the blades. Overall, great all season wiper blades you can use all year round.

AERO Voyager OEM Replacement Wiper Blade

Aero OEM Premium – All-weather solid OEM replacement wiper blade

Style – Beam wipers | Size: 10″ – 28″ lengths (front & rear)

Here is a solid OEM replacement wiper blade that you can use all year long. It is made of the durable and flexible Teflon-coated rubber that will leave your windshield clean and streak-free. Other Aero Voyager wiper blades reviews point to the clever aerodynamic design which means reduced drag, noise, and wind lift while the blades are in use. These beam-style wipers contour to the windshield, thanks to their flexible spine design.

Goodyear Hybrid Wiper Blades

Hybrid-style Windshield blade | Size: 14″ – 28″ lengths

These hybrid blades combine the best elements from the traditional and beam style to give you solid wipers. Budget-friendly at under $16, these car wiper blades are super easy to install – thanks to their universal adapter system that perfectly fits many cars. Their aerodynamic design is meant to reduce the noise and drag when in use. Plus, the blades are made of durable natural rubber that offers a smooth, streak-free wipe.


Bosch Icon 26aBeam13’’-24’’Dual Rubber
PIAA 95055 Super Silicone BladesConventional12″ – 26″Silicone
Rain-X LatitudeBeam18″ – 28″Rubber
Anco 31-SeriesConventional10″ – 28″Rubber
AERO Voyager All-Season Wiper BladeBeam10″ – 28″Rubber
Valeo wiper bladesBeam15″ – 29″Rubber
PIAA Aero Vogue wiper bladesHybrid12″ – 26″Silicone
Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper BladesTraditional18″ – 28″Rubber
Michelin Stealth Hybrid wiper bladeHybrid14″ – 28″Rubber
Goodyear 770 Hybrid windshield wipersHybrid14″ – 28″Rubber

How to replace windshield wiper

How to replace windshield wiper blades

You can replace your wipers in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Remove the old wipers

You want to start by removing the old wipers. First, lift the arm away from the windshield. Then, press the release tab under the wiper and pull the blade downward. It should slide right off. Should the wiper arm have no release tab, turn the blade perpendicular to the arm and pull down on it.

Step 2: Attach the new wipers

Start by threading the blade connector into the hook, then give it an upward pull. You should hear a click when the new blade snaps into place. If your wiper has adapters, follow instructions on the packaging to attach the windshield wiper. Repeat the process to install the other blades.

Step 3: Test them out

Once you have lowered the arm back on the windshield, it is time to test them and confirm that they are working properly.

Final Thoughts

We compared these car wiper brands and our findings point to the Bosch Icon as the best windshield wiper. It is highly rated by consumers for its performance and durability.

For a budget-friendly option, go for the Anco 31 series, a sturdy conventional type wiper blades which will give you a quiet, long-lasting, and streak-free action.

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