The best ceramic coatings for wheels

The 4 best ceramic coatings for wheels

Trying to keep your wheels clean and protected from the dust, dirt, and contaminants picked in daily traffic? Then ceramic coatings are the way to go. Not only do they offer excellent protection against UV rays, brake dust, and corrosion, but cleaning your wheels becomes so much easier.

Why should you ceramic coat your wheels?

Your wheels – the lowest part of your car – are vulnerable to contaminants every time you drive. So, you want to provide them with as much protection as possible – and a ceramic coating provides just that. The best ceramic coatings use nanotechnology to form a thin, invisible layer of protection that shields will keep your wheels looking good for years. Plus, its hydrophobic and anti-stick qualities both repel mud and dirt to keep your wheels cleaner for longer.

We found the best ceramic wheel coating kits for you:

Choosing the best ceramic coating for wheels

While some wheel finishes may require specific ceramic coatings, the majority of them use the same product you put on your body panels. Either way, you want a product that is easy to apply, especially if you’re a DIY beginner. If you’re buying a liquid ceramic coating, pick one that is thinner rather than thicker consistency for easier application and a smoother finish. Or you can buy ceramic coating sprays which are cheapest and easier to work with, but are not the most long-lasting ceramic coatings.

The best ceramic coating for wheels delivers in terms of performance and durability.  You want a quality product that will last for as long as possible. Also, consider the cost and quantity of the ceramic coating product. Keep in mind the size of your wheels and the amount of coating needed to complete the job.

Gyeon Rim Ceramic Coating for Wheels

What is the best ceramic coating kit - Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating

This ceramic coating will give your wheels years of protection from dirt, water, and bonded debris, whether you roll on glossy or matte wheel finishes. Unlike other sealants, this Amazon bestseller does not crack under high temperatures, making it perfect for your vehicle’s rims and brake calipers. Just a single coat of this thick and fast-drying formula will do, but be sure to work in sections if your rims are large and complex. The package contains everything you need for application; the manual, an applicator, and suede cloths

CQUARTZ Dlux Wheel and Trim Ceramic Coat $43.99

CQuartz DLUX - What is the longest lasting ceramic coating for wheels

This popular ceramic coating for wheels also doubles up as an excellent trim coating for your plastic and rubber surfaces. Super easy to apply, this 30ml formula goes a long way, you can apply up to two coats on a full set of wheels. With its UV protection and temperature resistant features, CQUARTZ Dlux coating is one of the best ways to protect your wheels from UV rays, and debris, while repelling water, dirt, and dust.

Adam’s Ceramic Wheel Coating Formula

Adam's Ceramic Wheel Coating Formula - What is the best DIY ceramic coating

This long-lasting ceramic coating formula works wonderfully to protect all kinds of wheels, from powder coated and satin finish, to clear coated or factory painted wheels. The 50ml bottle packs enough volume to protect a couple of sets of wheels (depending on rim size). Ceramic coating your wheels is super easy, and the package includes a neat 1- 4oz Ceramic Boost for that extra protection as well as surface prep liquid and towels, applicators, and gloves.

Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour for Wheels and Rims

Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour for Wheels and Rims -How long does a ceramic coating last

A coat of C5 Wheel Armour will prevent brake dust, corrosion, or other contaminants from damaging your beautiful rims or brake calipers. And, when you need to clean your wheels, the brake dust will wipe or rinse right off. It is available in 15ml or 30ml bottles for your smaller or larger rims respectively, and its protection is said to last for 12-24 months.

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How to care for your ceramic-coated wheels

Once you have ceramic coated your wheels, it is a good idea to let them cure for 14 days or more before washing your freshly coated wheels.

Afterward, you will find it easier to wash your wheels. Use your regular car shampoo and a soft brush to rid your wheels of any accumulated traffic film. Be sure to dry off your ceramic-coated wheels using a microfiber drying towel to prevent hard water stains.

How long will the ceramic coating last on wheels?

Ceramic coating will last longer on your car body panels than on your wheels. This is because your wheels are more exposed to harsher conditions including higher temperatures, more dirt, and brake dust- all of which will shorten the ceramic coating’s lifespan.

Other considerations include the quality of your coating, the type of wheel, and your driving behavior. For instance, if you often drive off-road, you might want to buy premium wheel-specific ceramic coatings like CQuartz Dlux liquid coatings (12 months) or sprays (6 months) will do for short-distance or highway motorists.

What is the best spray ceramic coating?

Many people prefer spray-on ceramic coatings because of is how easy it is to apply. A top favorite is the Meguiar’s hybrid ceramic wax—simply spray it on your car after a fresh wash, rinse it off, and dry it with a towel. 

The best ceramic coatings provide long-lasting protection to wheels of any material or finish – chrome, forged aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, or stock. Here is how to DIY ceramic coat your wheels.

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