Best Truck Bed Cargo Net for Pickup Trucks

These cargo mesh nets are great for securing loads on an open truck bed

Bungee net for pick up truck bed

When moving a whole load of stuff, you don’t want to arrive at your destination with missing or broken items. A cargo net will keep your load safe and secure in an open truck bed. Cargo nets come in a variety of sizes and strengths, so you want to make sure your truck net cover fits your needs.

We rounded up the best cargo nets for trucks for you. Here is a quick look at our top picks

1.    Gladiator Heavy Duty Truck Cargo Net

Gladiator Premium Heavy Duty Truck Cargo Net

This may be one of the more expensive cargo nets, but well worth the price tag. Ideal for frequent haulers of huge loads, this this durable, heavy-duty cargo net will last for years.

The trunk nets are made from high strength, weatherproofed materials to handle the toughest loads. High, odd-shaped loads are not a problem either, thanks to the adjustable net that expands to cover large loads and large truck beds.

Plus, the small net meshing prevents snags and helps secure smaller objects. Easy to use, this mesh net saves you the hassle of ropes and tarps. Included are four attachment hardware straps and a storage bag.

These pickup truck cargo nets are independently load rated and tested. Also, they are NACSS approved and are used by the DOT. Overall, one of the best open pickup truck beds nets you can buy.

2.    MICTUNING Heavy Duty Truck Bed Bungee Net

MICTUNING Heavy Duty Truck Bed Bungee Net

This bungee cargo net easily stretches to 14’x10′ large size and is great for hauling large items in Jeeps, boats, trucks, or cargo carriers. The heavy duty mesh is made of thick 6mm(1/4″) diameter of premium rubber bungee cord that is will hold your large cargo loads tightly and more securely. At the same time, the 5″x5″ mesh squares are close together, so even your small items are safe en-route.

This net comes with 16 aluminum carabiners which are lightweight and relatively strong for tying the net down.  Safely strap down large truck loads by simply moving hooks from 1 mesh square to another.

Overall, a great option if you’re looking for a quality mesh cargo net for your large cargo and to keep small items from falling out.  However, you should consider upgrading your carabiners.

3.    Grit Performance Truck Cargo Nets for Pickup Trucks

This is one of the best value truck bed cargo nets on the market. The net itself is made from a thick 5 mm latex webbing which gives it a good, strong stretch.  With the tight 4’’ x 4’’ inch mesh squares, you can haul both small and large cargo safely.

Grit Performance Truck Cargo Nets for Pickup Trucks

Another thing is the nets come with adjustable steel carabiners that provide convenient, tangle -free tie-down and storage.  & gives users the ability to quickly strap down large truck & trailer loads by simply moving clips from 1 mesh square to another.

You can get Grit Performance’s  3’’x4’’ nets for your smaller bed trucks or rooftop cargo (Tacoma, Frontier, Colorado), UTVs, boat cargo and more. For full-sized pickups like F150, SIERRA, Tundra, go for this larger 4’’X6” pickup truck net

So, if you are looking for a quality vehicle cargo net that won’t break the bank, this cargo networks well. A bag is included for a safe and hassle-free storage.

4.    Powertye Mesh Cargo Net

These adjustable elastic cargo nets come in different sizes to securely haul your small, large, or extra-large loads in your cargo in trucks, trailers, boats, or SUVs. Also, you don’t need to worry about your small items falling off, thanks to the super tight 2×2’’ mesh webbing of this net.

Powertye adjustable elastic cargo nets

We also like the removable hooks that you can use to add tension or to adjust net for odd-shaped cargo. The 10 hooks are made of durable ABS plastic, which, unlike metal hooks, reduces scratching or marring of racks and body work.

The net itself is made from a thick 4.4 mm latex/bungee blend, which has a good stretch and holds its shape when not in use.

Overall, a solid net that with a great price tag.  It also comes in different colours: black, orange or red.  Another plus is that should the plastic hooks break, the PowerTye “HOOK GUARANTEE” promises replacements.

5.    Orion Cargo Net for Pickup Truck Beds

This universal heavy duty truck bed net is large and strong enough feet to fit your smaller SUVs, jeep, and pickup truck beds, roof racks, and cargo carriers.

Orion Cargo Net for Pickup Truck Beds

The net, made of premium latex rubber, is stretchy and durable even in harsh conditions. And with tight 4×4inch mesh squares, both your small and bulky cargo is well protected while in transit.

To set up, simply attach the truck bed cargo netting using the 12 included tangle-free carabiners. When not in use, the net packs tightly into the included drawstring bag for easy storage.

Overall, the quality of the net is great although some users recommend getting heavier duty clips or hooks.

Things to consider

Fastener attachments

Majority of cargo nets for trucks will use either hooks, straps, or carabiners to fasten the net to the vehicle.  Carabiners are the top pick for their tangle-free and durable features while straps remain the least secure pick. Whatever fastener you pick, ensure that it causes zero scratches or markings on your truck’s body work.

Weather protection

If you are worried about exposing your cargo to the elements, consider buying a pick up cargo net with a built-in tarp. Another option is the waterproof truck bed bags. These might be a bit pricier, but are well worth the added protection,

What size cargo net do I need?

You’ll want to pick one that is a bit smaller than the size of your truck bed. This is because most truck box cargo nets stretch quite a bit so as to hold down your cargo more securely.  But, if your load is huge or oddly shaped, the size of the cargo net should be larger than your truck bed dimensions to cover the items and hold them in place.

Find the dimensions of your truck bed in your owner’s manual. Or, simply measure the pick-up bed to find the right size cargo net.

Strength of cargo net

Heavy duty cargo tie-downs are made from elastic material like latex or rubber that should handle loads even in rough terrains. What you’ll want is a cargo mesh net that can support the weight of your haul. No need to spend a fortune on an expensive pickup bed net if you have a small load. However, those who regularly haul large or oddly-shaped loads might want to invest in high-quality cargo nets that are designed to handle 100+ pounds.

How to keep your smaller cargo from rolling around on your truck bed

Installing a truck bed cargo net can help keep groceries from rolling in the truck bed, but an even better solution is to use a cargo net organizer or truck bed organizer. This accessory secures to the sides of the truck bed while providing divided storage spaces to securely contain items.

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How to install a cargo net on an open truck bed

Installing adjustable elastic cargo nets will depend on your vehicle as well as the kind of net you buy. However, the basic process is similar and can be completed in a couple of minutes.  Most pickup truck bed net covers come with setup instructions included. Here are some basic steps to follow:

To start, open your truck gate and locate your truck’s tie-down anchors. Then, unfurl your cargo net and lay it over your load on the truck bed.  Finally, attach the fastenings or connectors to the truck bed anchors. The net’s stretch should be snug enough to securely hold your cargo in place. It’s a good idea to have at least six attachment points – all four corners and at least 2 or more extra attachment points.

Final Word

Hauling unsecured cargo on an open pickup truck bed can be risky for you and other motorists. Hence the need to invest in a top-rated truck cargo net like the Gladiator cargo net, which made from high-strength and durable materials.  And, it and comes with easy-to-use cinch fasteners and a bonus storage bag.

Our budget pick is the  Grit Performance cargo nets, a solid brand that will give you good value for your money.

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