Best Tires for Honda Rancher 420

Best Replacement Tires for Honda 420 Rancher

The Honda Rancher 420 is quite popular among ATV enthusiasts today. It’s a powerful machine that is capable of taking you through just about any terrain. However, if you want to make the most out of your Rancher 420 ATV, then you need the right set of tires. The best Honda Rancher 420 tires are durable and puncture-resistant, with correctly-angled body plies to properly maneuver all sorts of terrains – whether it’s mud, trail, or snow.

In this post, we’ll look at 5 of the best tires for the Honda Rancher 420 ATV. Our stand-out pick is the Maxxis Zilla but we also discuss some other top options on the market.

Can you put bigger tires on your Honda Rancher 420?

Yes, you can upgrade your Honda Rancher 420 with bigger tires. Larger Rancher 420 tire sizes are 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch larger than stock tires. The Honda Rancher 420 stock tires size for the rear axle is 24x10x11 and for its front axle is 24x8x12. Bigger tires can help you gain ground clearance and traction in sand, deep mud, snow, or uneven terrain.

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Best Tire for Honda Rancher 420 Reviews

Sunf Atv All terrain Tires for Honda Rancher 420

SunF best trail tires for honda rancher 420

The SunF Power I ATV tire is a popular off-road ATV tire that has been around for a while now. This Honda Rancher 420 tire is a great choice for those looking for tough, aggressive tires that can handle all kinds of terrain whether it be rock crawling, mud bogging, or trail riding.

To start with, the ATV tire’s aggressive, non-directional tread pattern offers great traction all around, and the aggressive shoulder lugs not only give this tire an extra layer of protection around the sidewalls and rims, but it also gives it an outstanding side-bite – great for running on rocks, mud or snow. The 6-ply rating and tough rubber compound material used in the construction make this tire abrasion and puncture resistant, which means it can take a beating without compromising your ride. The price is right too –overall, these are some of the best Honda Rancher 420 tires out there for their price range.


  • Excellent value for the money
  • Solid, durable 6-ply construction
  • Great traction on all terrains


  • Not for deep mud

You might also like: GBC Dirt Devil ATV all terrain tire, which has received good reviews from users. This 6-ply rated radial tires tread pattern offers excellent grip in a wide range of terrain. Each lug is dimpled with more biting edges for better traction and stability. Performs well in mud, sand, and water and is quite affordable too!

Maxxis Zilla tires for a Honda Rancher 420

Maxi Zillas best all around 4 wheeler tire for honda rancher 420

The Maxxis Maxxzillas is our pick for the best all-round ATV tire for Honda Rancher 420. They offer a great combination of performance in the mud and comfort on the trails, giving you the best of both worlds. These ATV tires have a deep tread pattern that grabs onto the mud and pushes it out of the way, so you get great traction whenever you need it. And when it comes to solid surfaces like rocks, dirt, and gravel—the tire’s grip is just as solid and, since they feel so predictable on dry ground, drifting with them is enjoyable. This mud-tire-inspired tread pattern also works great for snow too – they float over instead of digging in and sinking.

The Zilla has a solid 6-ply construction, which means it can take a beating without any punctures. Overall, the design of these Honda Rancher 420 tires makes for rugged performance on every type of off-road surface there is. However, if your trails, mud, or snow are extreme,  you’re much better off with a dedicated mud or trail tire respectively.


  • Great traction on different surfaces.
  • Tough 6-ply construction
  • Lightweight for an ATV
  • Good value for the money


  • A tad bumpy at slower speeds
  • Not for deep mud or loose snow

Kenda Executioner Mud tires for Honda 420 Rancher

When you’re out on the trail and come across a mud hole, these are the tires you want to have. They are designed to offer strong mud traction—instead of digging in and sinking, they simply power through even the deepest mud holes they encounter. The deep, 3-D directional tread pattern digs into the mud and pushes it out and away from the tire, plus the tread essentially self-cleans by shedding off mud and debris. These tires provide excellent traction on deep snow as well—a surprising bonus given their low price point (just under $480 for a set of four)- while the tough 6-ply carcass helps prevent punctures.

Overall, one of the best mud tires for Honda Rancher 420 for snow plowing and hardcore mudding. However, while they feel quite predictable, they tend to slide on gravel. So, if you often take your Honda Rancher 420 on hardpack dirt or rocks then these tires might not be right for you.


  • Very aggressive tread pattern
  • Self-cleaning Honda Rancher tires
  • Puncture-resistant 6-ply nylon
  • Good value for the money


  • Not for hard terrains

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Wanda AT Master ATV Tires for 420 Rancher

Wanda AT Master ATV Tires - Best all around 4 wheeler tire for Honda Rancher 420

This budget Wanda AT tire offers similar performance to more premium brands. An Amazon bestseller, the tire’s lightweight but strong radial-ply design translates into a comfortable and predictable ride, while also minimizing the amount of power loss that inevitably comes with running big and aggressive tires. Plus, the 6-ply tire has an aggressive tread pattern that grips well in deep ruts and loose conditions. It also features a directional tread pattern that gives it good steering control in any terrain, and its widely-spaced tread bras are deeper and wider than normal, so they can shed mud faster. As far as abrasion resistance and puncture resistance go, the Wanda AT Master’s nylon construction is exceptional in that regard. And prices for a set of 2 start around $140, which is a very solid value for this type of tire.


  • Have a wide range of applications including 2×4 and 4×4 ATV and UTVs
  • Durable, lightweight design
  • Good value for the money
  • Tough 6-ply construction

Kenda Bear Claw EVO tires for a Honda Rancher 420

Kenda Bear Claw EVO tires for a Honda Rancher 420

The Kenda Bear Claw Evo is one of the most recommended ATV tires for snow riding, and for good reason – they perform well on all-terrain riding, including snow-covered trails. The Bear Claws feature a rugged, aggressive tread with large center knobs and recessed-dimpled knobs to provide excellent traction on both packed and loose snow. And on muddy or hardpack terrains, this tire bites and grips to the trails thanks to its directional tread and angled knobs. Plus, it’s ultra-lightweight, so it won’t slow down your ATV.  These Honda Rancher 420 tires are incredibly durable too, thanks to their 6-ply bias construction that reduces the chances of punctures or abrasions on the tire.

The tire feels very secure and predictable, and they are among the best ATV tires you can get in this price range—and better yet, they come in many sizes so you’ll be sure to find a fit.


  • Good traction on loose and packed snow, hard surfaces
  • Solid mud traction
  • Aggresive tread, tough 6-ply radial construction


  • Bumpy at slow speeds

How To Choose The Best Tires For Honda Rancher 420

Choosing the best tires for your Honda Rancher 420 depends on the type of riding you do. Here are a few things to consider before making your decision.

The first thing is what size tire you should get for your ATV. You have the option to go with the OE tire size, but most ATV enthusiasts tend to choose a bigger size of replacement Honda Rancher 420 tires.  Be sure to check the range of stock tires recommendations first. Choosing to run bigger tires than the recommended sizes, may affect the horsepower, handling, gears, fuel economy, and balance of your Honda Rancher 420. On tire width, the best combo for optimum efficiency is the 9″ front tire and 11″ rear tire combination.

Type of tire

Secondly, determine what type of surface you run your Honda Rancher 420 most on. Is it deep mud? Light mud? Packed or unpacked snow? Hardpack dirt on trails or gravel? Once you’ve got that figured out, it’s time to decide which type of ATV tire is right for your needs.  

There are four main types of ATV/UTV tires; all-terrain, mud, sand, and sport (racing). Of course, some cross-over qualities exist between them so that one tire can work well on multiple surfaces. For instance, if you often encounter deep mud (and snow) you are going to want a 6-8 ply mud tire that’s durable, self-cleaning, and offers rim protection. On the other hand, all terrain ATV tires provide great traction on all surfaces – hardpack, rocks, and medium mud. So, you want all terrain Honda Rancher 420 tires if you often take your ATV on trails. But if you often encounter deep mud and snow (loose surfaces), go for 420 Honda Rancher mud tires like the Kenda Executioner.

Finally, look at the construction quality and durability of your 420 Honda Rancher tires. They should be made out of strong materials that can withstand pressure without bursting or tearing up easily. One way to check if a particular model meets these criteria is by looking at its ply rating: this refers to how many layers of rubber or nylon are used in manufacturing each tire (for example 4-ply means there are four layers).

Other features include abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and tread patterns. You also want tire products from reputable ATV tire brands, including SUNF, WANDA, MASSFX, and MAXXIS, among others.