Best Tires for Honda Accord Review

The best Honda Accord tires for your car

Buying a new set of tires is an expensive affair, so before making a purchase, you should know the most important features to look out for.  Whether you choose OEM Accord tires or a top Honda replacement tire brand, your tires should suit your driving style and budget.

We found the best Honda Accord tires on the market for all seasons, styles, and prices. Here are our top picks, but scroll deeper for more helpful buying information and tires reviews.

Best Tires for the Honda Accord EX, LX, and EX-L

Best Honda Accord Sport and Touring Tires

How to Pick the Best Honda Accord Tire for You.

Here are the most important features to consider when buying tires for your Honda Accord.


A good fit ensures correct handling, fuel efficiency, and safe driving. You can check the suitable tire size for your Honda Accord in your car owner’s manual or on the sidewall of your old tire.

What standard size OEM tires does Honda come in?
  • Honda Accord LX, Accord EX, Accord Aco EX-L and Accord EX-L’s original equipment Accord tires are 225/50 R17 all-season.
  • Accord Sport and  Touring 2.0T trims come in 235/40R19 all-season tires

Weather Suitability

The weather conditions of where you live determine the kind of tire you buy. If you experience extreme snowy conditions, it is a good idea to invest in a set of winter or quality all-season Honda Accord tires. Summer, winter, and all-season tires are optimized to handle the specific demands of each season.


You want a tire that will last you as long as possible, so consider the advertised mileage of your tire. This ranges from 40,000 miles to 60,000+ miles and is all dependent on the technology and material used to make the tire.

Tread Performance

A tire tread’s shape and size affect how well a tire works in different conditions.

Symmetrical tires are cheaper as they are easy to craft. Although they deliver solid handling, they do not have an all-around performance on gravel or wet roads compared to the asymmetric and directional tires.

Asymmetric models, though slightly more expensive, offer enhanced cornering. Their design limits skidding and drifting on different terrains.

Finally, the directional tire treads have a special design to improve traction even in wet and snowy weather. They are used for sports vehicles or winter tires.

Speed Rating

Represented by letters V, W, X, Y, or Z on the tire, speed rating refers to the maximum speed this tire can achieve without compromising your safety. It is a good idea to buy tires with a speed level that matches your driving habits.

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9 Top Tires for Honda Accord Review

1. Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Best All-Season Budget Tire for Honda Accord

Cooper CS5 Tire for Honda Accord

60,000-70,000 tread warranty |  Speed Rating-T | All-Season Tire

The Cooper Grand Touring, which tops our list as the best tire for the money, manages to deliver a great performance. This grand-touring tire is made using a silicone compound that helps reduce the rolling resistance and improves the braking system. Also, the asymmetric tread pattern ensures evenly worn tires and a longer lifespan. 

The best part is that you can use these  17-inch tires For Honda Accord tires in multiple weather conditions. They shine in dry conditions, are solid in wet conditions, and provide adequate traction in snow. Sure, they may not be as effective as a proper winter tire, but with these tires, your Honda Accord is covered for all seasons.

2. Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring

Top All-Season tire for Honda Accord

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial Tire for Honda Accord

80,000-mile tread warranty | V speed rating | All-Season tire

This tire is said to have 20% more cushion than similar passenger tires, meaning it is great for long trips, even at high speeds. This is due to its special comfort layer that acts as a shock absorber to cushion your Honda Accord against bumps and portholes.

Goodyear ComforTred has great traction even in wet conditions. Plus, it has a low-profile sidewall for enhanced handling even in snow.

3. Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Tire

Best Quiet Tire for Honda Accord

Michelin Primacy Michelin Primacy Radial Tire

V Speed Rating | 55,000 miles tread warranty | High-performance tire

This tire is great if you often take your Honda Accord on long trips, thanks to their Comfort Control Technology which reduces the tire’s noise and vibrations.

Other features of this best high include the Michelin Primacy’s Active Sipes, which lock together in warm conditions and open in cold weather to provide better grip and increased traction respectively. Thanks to its low rolling resistance, your Honda enjoys improved fuel economy.

However, the warranty is less than the 60,000-mile tread warranty offered by the majority of the tires on this list.

4. Michelin Premier A/S Touring Radial Tire

Best long-lasting tire for Honda Accord

Michelin Premier A/S Touring Radial Tire

V Speed Rating | 60,000 miles tread warranty | All-Season tires

This Accord tire pick packs a couple of great safety and performance features, starting with its strong grip even when the tire is half-worn. Plus, the EverGrip Technology makes the tires stop short even on wet roads. So, you can use this tire all year round.

Additionally, these top Michelin Tires for Honda Accord are made from premium material for longevity.  For instance, the tread compound contains silica for enhanced handling and wet grip. Plus, the tires have minimal noise and vibrations due to the use of Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology.

5. Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology

Best grand touring tire for Honda Accord

Continental PureContact Radial Tire for Honda Accord

T Speed Rating | 70,000 miles warranty | All-season tire

This grand-touring, all-season model is designed as a low rolling-resistance tire, which translates to less fuel consumption.

Beyond that, the tire’s tread compound is enhanced with silica and other additives for improved traction, treadwear, and fuel efficiency, and traction on dry and wet surfaces.

Also, the Tuned Performance Indicators will warn you when your tires are no longer good for snow driving or wet driving.  However, some similarly placed tires offer better light-snow traction.

6. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

Top Winter Tire for Honda Accord

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Winter Tire for Honda Accord

Speed Rating-H | Meets severe snow service requirements (3PMSF)

Naturally, winter tires perform better in the snow than all-weather tires. So, if you encounter a lot of snow, your best bet is to buy the best winter tires for Honda Accord. Our top pick is the Bridgestone Blizzak winter tire, which has great stopping power due to its hydrophilic coating that enhances traction in extreme conditions.

Using a variety of technology, the 19-inch tires for Honda Accord are designed to remain pliable in the snow, while also providing a superior grip and braking on ice. Furthermore, the tire’s cavity shape will give you an even wear.

Overall, this top Honda Accord winter tire offers an optimized tire footprint or contact patch with the road, helping to distribute forces evenly and effectively for better stability and control in dry, icy, and snowy conditions.

Note that it is only good for the winter period, so buy another set of Honda Accord summer performance tires for your summer driving. 

7. Yokohama Avid ENVigor

Best Value All-Season Tire For Honda Accord

Yokohama Avid ENVigor Honda Accord Tire

Speed rating: W | Warranty: 60000 Miles | All-season

This budget-friendly tire for Honda Accord delivers a solid performance. The Yokohama ENVigor is designed for strong traction in wet, dry, and light winter conditions. It features 6-rib directional treads and a silica compound material, both of which improve the grip and handling on the road.

To increase the tire’s durability even at high speed, the tire features a pair of steel belts reinforced by a nylon belt. Overall, this tire will give you good value for your money, but it is not the best for driving in extreme winter conditions.

9. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire

T speed rating | Winter Honda Accord tire

This winter delivers solid traction and a strong grip on slick winter surfaces.  The tire features directional tread patterns and multiple biting edges to enhance its grip on snow. Also, the wide tread grooves help evacuate slush and loose snow from the tire.

Additionally, the Goodyear Honda Accord winter tire has short-stopping power and even treadwear, making them an excellent choice for your car during the winter. However, you shouldn’t use these in the summer.

8. General Tire Altimax RT43

Best budget grand-touring all-season tire for Honda Accord

General Tire Altimax RT43

T speed rating | 75,000 miles warranty | All season grand touring tire

This budget grand touring tire for Accord checks all the boxes when it comes to all-season traction, enhanced handling, and quiet, comfortable rides. These tires will last you a while, thanks to their construction that promotes even tread wear and extended tread life.

The Altimax RT43 uses the wear-resistant Twin Cushion silica tread compound, which great for all year traction as well as absorption of road vibrations for a comfortable ride.  And the smart monitoring feature will alert you in case your tires are unaligned or worn out. The tire’s symmetric tread and peak anti-slip design deliver biting edges for extra grip on wet or snowy surfaces.


ProductTread Warranty
Best All-Season Budget Cooper CS5 Grand Touring60,000-70,000
Best All-SeasonGoodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial80,000
Best Quiet TireMichelin Primacy Radial Tire55,000 miles
Best grand touring tireContinental PureContact70,000
Best Winter Bridgestone Blizzak3PMSF
Best Value All-Season Yokohama ENVigor60,000
Best budget grand-touring all-seasonGeneral Tire Altimax75,000
Top WinterGoodyear Ultra Grip3PMSF
Best long-lasting tireMichelin Premier A/S3PMSF

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How to Buy the Best Honda Accord Replacement Tires

Here are more factors to consider when selecting your tires.

Types of Tires for Honda Accord

It is a good idea to understand the types of tires available for your Honda Accord. Then you can choose the best one for you, depending on your requirements.

All-Season Tires

These are the most popular as they are designed to work all year round.  The best all-season tires offer good handling and comfort on the highway as well as dry, wet, and snowy conditions. Note however that their performance in extremely snowy weather is slightly limited compared to winter tires.

On the other hand, winter or snow tires, offer the best snow and ice traction as well as superior grip, and braking during winter.

Touring Tires

Also referred to as grand touring tires, these have a higher speed rating than all-season tires. Plus, their comfort, all-season traction, and handling are superior. The best grand-touring tires are a solid bet and our recommendation for your Honda Accord.

Summer Tires

These perform well in wet and dry conditions but excel in warm weather conditions. In addition to increased hydroplaning resistance and minimal siping, these tires deliver responsive handling and comfortable driving. Pair these up with snow or winter tyres for best results.

Performance Tires

Performance tires are more about performance than comfort. They are designed to offer enhanced stability, grip, and traction on wet and dry roads.  Of course, they have high-speed ratings and dense siping, and the tread compound is superior for better grip on the road. The Michelin primacy radial tire tops the list of best high-performance tires for Honda Accord in our review.


Final Thoughts

Picking the best tire for your Honda Accord is a breeze once you know what you need. Our top recommendation is the Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial. It offers you longevity, comfort, and good performance on the road.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly recommendation, go for the Cooper Grand Touring Radial Tire, which offers solid performance and will save you some money.

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