5 Best Single Din Head Units of 2022

5 Best Single DIN Head Units
The best single DIN head unit allows you to enjoy crystal-clear sound, call hands-free, stream music from your favorite apps and more.

I’m a big fan of the new single din head units- it’s amazing how much you can do with them. These units have great audio quality and many playback options; from Bluetooth to AUX inputs and USB ports. Plus, the best single DIN head units offer sweet features like customizable backlighting, high-quality touch-screen displays, wireless connectivity, and more.

There are tons of great single DIN car stereo out there. It is hard to pick the best, but these are our absolute favorites;

How to choose the best single din head unit

Here’s what to consider when you’re looking for the best single DIN head unit:- sound quality, playback options, interface, and smartphone compatibility. First off, look for a car stereo that offers a crystal-clear sound quality. If you love to rock out in your car, you’ll want a single DIN car stereo that will ensure a top-quality, louder audio experience without any annoyance.

Next, consider playback options. The more options your single din radio offers, the better your experience will be! Apart from AUX inputs, Bluetooth, and radio functionality, some modern car stereo single dins offer other options for playing music. If you’re into music apps like Pandora or Spotify, ensure your audio system supports that!

Also, if you plan on using your smartphone to play music in your car regularly, be sure your car stereo is compatible with different smartphones (some single din stereos aren’t capable of connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB port)

You should also get a single din head unit with a user-friendly interface (meaning it is easy to operate even while driving). Your best bet is a stereo with an easy-to-read touch screen and backlight feature to help you see the screen while driving at night. Also, look at the power rating of your single din radio – stereos with high watts per channel allow you to play louder sounds without an amplifier. Finally, look at how expandable your car stereo single din is – can you upgrade it by adding subwoofers or rear cameras? If yes, then go for such a single din head unit for your car today!

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Best Single DIN Head Units Reviews

Alpine single din head unit (CDE-172BT)

Alpine car stereo - best head unit for sound quality

The Alpine CDE-172BT is a premium stereo that gives you excellent sound quality and great customizable options. With this receiver, you can listen to your favorite songs on the radio, stream them from your phone via Bluetooth and aux, or play them off a USB drive. What’s more, if you’re an iPhone user, the innovative App Direct mode lets you listen to your favorite music streaming services like Spotify or Pandora directly from your phone. We also like that this Bluetooth single din head unit is highly customizable: you can change the display and the backlight to match your car’s interior, and set the EQ to suit your musical tastes.

This head unit lets you pair up with up to two smartphones at any given time, so you can access your audio files on the go and take hand-free calls while driving. You can also use Siri Eyes Free Control, which lets you control the system through voice commands. The single din head unit’s LCD screen is high-contrast so you can easily see what’s happening on the screen and its color is adjustable to match the look of your vehicle’s interior. This receiver has a lot of other features; a 3-band parametric equalizer; a premium 24-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC); and high- and low-pass filters with subwoofer level control.

Jensen Single DIN Car Stereo Receiver

Jensen bluetooth single din head unit

This Jensen stereo is a great option for anyone looking for a no-frills single DIN head unit. It’s got the standard AUX and USB inputs, but it also has Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it super easy to pair with all of your devices. The display is nice and bright, so adjusting settings on the go is easy, and you can even control the equalizer and volume using the Jensen app (download on your phone). I really like that this stereo comes with an assistant function: you can hit a button to instantly summon Siri or Google Assistant (depending on what you use) so you can make hands-free calls or navigate while driving. Overall, this single din head unit will give you a good clean sound and a few added features that work well, so if you’re just looking for something solid that works well, this is a great option. And at less than $40, this budget single din head unit is a steal.

However, this deck doesn’t have a CD reader, but it is super slim and light and installation is quick and easy.

Boss single din radio Bluetooth Car Stereo

Boss single din radio Bluetooth Car Stereo

This Boss single din car stereo doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, looks great and gives you all the important features you need for good sound quality in your car. You can start playing your tunes right away thanks to the built-in Bluetooth and USB ports. Or, listen to your favorite radio station with built-in AM/FM radio capabilities. The high contrast LCD screen makes it easy to see what you’re playing and you can pair it with your smartphone for hands-free calling.  Other features include a built-in EQ tuner (with bass, treble, and fader controls) and a Preset EQ so you can choose the type of music style (rock, pop, blues) that you are in the mood for. This unit’s Pre-Amp outputs let you expand your system by adding up to 2 amps and/or signal processors. Overall, the BOSS Audio 616UAB is a very affordable car stereo that will work just fine—although you’ll probably need to get an amplifier to make sure your speakers are properly powered.

Sony Single Din Head Unit

Sony Single Din Head Unit - best single din car stereo

This Amazon best-seller is popular among audiophiles for its high sound quality (thanks to the built-in four-channel amplifier that delivers 4x55W of power) and fantastic connectivity. It comes with a dual Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect a second smartphone wirelessly so you can not only make hands-free calls from either phone but also have full access to navigation and music playback throughout your ride. Plus, the Sony single din head unit is compatible with Siri Eyes free so you can use voice commands when needed. You also get other playback options like USB and radio (although there is no CD player).

And if you want to match your receiver’s frontal lights to your mood (or interior), the two-zone illuminator allows you to choose from 35000 different colors. The only downside is that it is a tad pricier than some, but if you’re looking for a premium product that will last you years and make your drive much more enjoyable, then this is a great option.

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Kenwood radio Bluetooth Stereo

Kenwood single din head units-best head unit for sound quality

When it comes to single din stereos, Kenwood is an industry leader, and this single din radio is packed with features that allow you to enjoy your favorite music in high-quality sound. Connectivity is via Bluetooth, USB, or aux port. And if you want to control your music from your phone? No problem! Just download the Kenwood Remote App and use your iPhone or Android device as a remote control. This Kenwood KMM-BT328U single din stereo is compatible with a variety of music services and sources, including Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM (with optional satellite radio tuner), and AM/FM radio. You can set your perfect travel mood with its 13 band equalizer and Digital Time Alignment feature. Other features include steering wheel audio control compatibility (adapter needed) and a bright, variable-color LCD screen that lets you customize the look of your dash—you can set it to static or dynamic, or simply turn it off if that’s not your thing. The three sets of 2.5V preamp outputs also mean you can maximize your sound system- you can do front, rear, and subwoofer separately!

Plus, this bluetooth single din radio doesn’t have a CD player, which means it’s about 3″ shorter than most similar models and mounts very shallow in the dash—this makes it easier when doing up the wiring during installation. Overall, this single-din car stereo is an excellent option for audiophiles and novices alike—and it comes with a pair of Alphasonik earbuds included!

Bonus: Free Alphasonik earbuds included

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Atoto Best single din touch screen unit

Atoto Best single din touch screen unit

Looking for a top single din touchscreen unit? This 2nd generation Atoto S8 Android unit features an 8-inch floating display part that can be adjusted for easy viewing from multiple angles. The unit has decent audio quality and when you start your car, the unit almost instantaneously comes on – then you can choose from the many personalization options available. Connects to your Android / iOS smartphone via USB/ WiFi and using EasyConnection. We like the fact that the user interface is straightforward– and the internet access is via Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth & USB tethering. We also like that you can trigger the HD rearview camera and the virtual surround-view parking assistance when needed. Other features include the 2/3-fingers tap for easy control that enables you to enter the multi-task menu quickly, switch between preset 9 EQ modes, and adjust the screen brightness while driving. The Speed Compensated Volume Control (SCVC) automatically adjusts the volume as the vehicle’s speed changes to compensate for the road/wind noises.

Pioneer car stereo single din

Best single DIN radio for Spotify & Pandora-Pioneer car stereo

This top single din car stereo by Pioneer allows you to connect any android or IOS device to the speakers. It has very good sound quality and offers many options to truly customize your sound via the Pioneer Smart Sync that provides intuitive app-based features and controls- and also enables voice commands and hands-free calling options so you can focus on the road. The LCD screen is bright and easy to operate and as this head unit is without a CD player, it mounts very shallow in the dash—this makes it easier when doing up the wiring.

The only downside that some users have reported is that this Pioneer car stereo single din may take a minute to hook up to Bluetooth when first turning on the radio at installation; after that, though, all seems smooth sailing!

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Comparison table of the best single din head unit

Top single din car stereoFeaturesCost
Alpine single din head unitCD, radio (AM/FM), USB, Bluetooth, Aux input & supported internet services (Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM)$199.95
Jensen Single DIN MPR210 Car Stereo ReceiverBluetooth, USB, Radio, Aux. Has an app for remote control. No CD player$36.99 
Boss bluetooth single din head unitRadio (AM/FM), USB, Bluetooth, Aux input & supported internet services (Pandora only)$36.99
Sony bluetooth single din radioBluetooth, USB, Radio, Aux. Has an app for remote control. No CD player. Download app for remote control. supported internet services (Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM)$159.95
Kenwood single din head unitsBluetooth, USB, Radio, Aux. Has an app for remote control. No CD player. Download app for remote control. supported internet services (Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM). 6 EQ curves and 13-band equalizer,$179.95

What is a good single din head unit?

The best single din head unit will have all of the features you need, including great sound quality and a range of connectivity options. Some of our favorite single din head unit brands include Alpine, Sony, Pioneer, and Kenwood.

Head unit single din vs double din?

There are pros and cons to both. Bluetooth single din radios are smaller and cheaper, but they don’t have as many features as double-din units. On the other hand, double-din units can be more expensive and but they often have more features like touch screens, GPS navigation, and wifi access.

Can a double din fit in a single din?

If your car came with a double DIN head unit, you have the choice of replacing it with a single or a double-DIN radio.

On the other hand, if your vehicle came with a single DIN head unit, then you usually have to replace it with another single DIN head unit. For more in-depth information about selecting the correct top single din car stereo, you can check out our buyer’s guide under ‘How to choose the best single din head unit’ at the top of the page.

Single din head unit dimensions?

Car stereo head units come in two standard sizes:- single DIN head units and double DIN head units. Single din stereos are the most common and measure 7 inches by 2 inches. Double DIN car stereos are twice as tall and will measure 7” x 4”. To figure out which one you have, measure the front faceplate of your current Bluetooth single din radio.