The Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starters 2022

Best Portable Jump Starter for your Car Battery

Your car battery will fail at the most inconvenient of times. But if you have portable jump starters, you won’t need anyone to come to your rescue. This energy-dense gadget will boost the dead battery to make a car start – so you can be on your way in no time.

The best portable car jump starters come with useful accessories, built-in ports, and adaptors for multipurpose use. You can charge your phone and laptop, or power your 12V devices, like tire inflators or air compressors. A jump starter or battery charger with an AC inverter lets you plug in lights and small appliances- handy when camping or during an outage.

So, a portable car jump starter – also known as a battery booster or power pack – is essential to your car’s emergency kit. Before buying one, consider which battery jump pack or portable battery jumper might work best for you.  Have a big-engine car? You want a jump starter for heavy-duty engine vehicles that have starting or cranking amps of 500A. Want more features? While it is a good idea to get in as much functionality as you can, expect a heavier, bigger, and pricier jumper pack.

We found you the best ones. From basic jump starters to professional-grade jump starters – these are the most recommended.

Clore JNC660 Jump Starter

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter

This no-frills, powerful lead-acid battery booster may not have a USB charging port, but it more than makes up for it with its long service life and exceptional 425 cranking amps. And, you can power your 12V accessories using this jump starter. There’s a built-in voltmeter to will alert you if you need to charge the Clore jump starter. The package includes 46-inch heavy-duty, copper-insulated jumper cables.

GOOLOO Car Jump Starter 

GOOLOO 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

Though ultra-light at only 1.39lbs, this mini jump starter is not only a lifesaver in battery emergencies but also comes packed with built-in tools for safety and ease of use. To start with, this 2000 peak amps jump starter-cum-power bank is powerful enough power to jump-start a 10L gas or 7L diesel car up to 20 times on a single charge. And, the model doubles up as a high-speed USB charger for your devices. It has multiple charging ports for your cell phone, camera, or tablet. Use the in-built LED flashlight as an emergency or camping light.

NOCO Genius GB150 Jump Starter

NOCO Genius UltraSafe Lithium Portable Jump Starter

This heavy-duty 3000-amp battery booster delivers up to 80 starts on a single charge. It powers 10L diesel and gasoline engines including cars, boats, tractors, and trucks. Also, you can use the USB port and 12v adaptors to charge your gadgets and other 12V items like the inverters and compressors. The built-in LED flashlight is useful for lighting as well as emergencies. For safety, the NOCO Boost Plus features reverse polarity protection and spark-proof technology to protect you from sparks and incorrect connections.

STANLEY JUMPit Jump Starter With Air Compressor

STANLEY J5C09 JUMPiT With Air Compressor

With its 500amps starting power, the Stanley JumpiT has enough juice to start your large engine autos instantly. It also has a built-in 120 PSI emergency air compressor for your inflatables, as well as the swivelling LED flashlight that is useful for emergencies or camping.  And, you can use the USB and 12V DC outlets to charge your gadgets and accessories. Sturdy and durable, this heavy duty jump starter is popular among consumers for its great features and powerful starting power.

DBPOWER 800A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

DBPower 800A Portable Jump Starter

This lightweight portable car battery charger may fit in your pocket, but it’s 800A peak current will quickly jump your auto battery autos. The DBPower also doubles up as a smart portable charger for your devices and accessories. For safety, the lithium ion jump starter features a built-in protection circuit that averts reverse-polarity, short circuit, and overcharge, among others.

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Schumacher DSR114 Portable Car Jump Starter

Schumacher DSR114 Pro Series Jump Starter

This professional-grade jump starter by Schumacher is the most durable and powerful jump starter on this list. You can turn over any auto engine with its 2200amp starting power, making it perfect for workshops or campers. The car battery booster pack is designed to withstand heavy use without wearing out. If well maintained, it can last up to a decade. The heavy-duty clamps feature replaceable copper jaws, which means you can replace them when they wear out. Like other jumps, this unit has a USB charging port and 12V outlet for powering your accessories and gadgets.

POTEK Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Potek Jump starter

Looking for the best jump starter with an air compressor? In addition to jumping a weak car battery, this device’s in-built air compressor has multiple nozzle attachments for inflating your tires, air mattresses, and sporting goods. It’s 500A cranking power will start your small and large autos as well as snowmobile, boat, utv, and personal watercraft. Plus, you can power your gadgets and car accessories on Potek’s USB ports and 12V DC outlet socket. This device has a handy onboard storage compartment for its cables and accessories.

How to choose the best portable jump starter

Many of these top-rated portable jump starters share many common features and this can be confusing to a buyer. Here is what you should look out for when buying your portable jump starter.


This measures the jump starter’s level of power output. So, the larger your engine, the more amperes needed to jumpstart it. The peak amperage is the maximum power output your jump starter can generate.

However, what you should be on the lookout for is the cranking amp rating which is the real indicator of how much power the jump starter can generate every 30 seconds while maintaining the minimum volts on a 12V battery. To get the right ampere range for your car’s jump starter, check your owner’s manual or your battery specifications.


Different types of jump starters have different features and specifications. Pocket-size jump starters trade off some features for their compact sizes. On the flip side, the heavier units have more power, are multifunctional, and have useful extra features like an air compressor. Choose according to your requirements.

Features and functionality

The best car battery jump starters will cost you quite a bit so it’s a good idea to get in as much functionality as you can. Naturally, the more premium jump starter brands cost more, but they are well worth it if these extra functionalities are useful to you.

Some things to look out for include electrical safety protections, LED flashlight, LCD battery status display screen, air compressor feature, USB charging ports, and 12V outlets.

Cable length and gauge

Whether you want short or long cables is a matter of personal choice, but the recommended length is 12ft. You want enough manoeuvrability to use the jump starters while keeping safe.  

The gauge of the wires in the cables also determines how fast the power is transmitted to your battery. Look out for a 6-gauge cable-anything above 8 gauge is too thin.


Many cars have 12v batteries while some larger autos, like trailers and trucks, have 24 volts. Simply match your emergency battery booster pack’s voltage to your vehicle’s battery voltage.  

How to jump-start your car using portable jump starters


  • Check that your jump-starting system has sufficient charge to jump start your car.
  • Turn off all electrical systems in your car and remove the key from the ignition.
  • Wear gloves and remove any jewellery you have on.

Connecting the cables

  • Start by identifying the positive and negative posts of the battery. These are often marked with negative (-) and positive (+) signs.
  • Identify the positive and negative clamps on the portable jump starter. The black clamp is negative while the red clamp is positive. The jump starter should be off before you attempt to attach the cables to the battery.
  • Connect the jumper cables to the correct terminals. Start with the positive terminals followed by the negative terminals.
  • Once the cables are firmly on the terminal. Turn on the portable jump starter

Cranking the engine

  • Crank the engine for 5 seconds or less, and if the car doesn’t start, wait for 2-3 minutes before trying again.

Removing the portable jump starter

  • Once your car turns on, turn off the jump starter.
  • Then remove the black clamp followed by the red clamp.
  • Safely store the portable jump starter.
  • Let your engine run for a while to allow your alternator to charge your battery
  • Remember to charge your portable car battery pack or charger if the charge is low or depleted.

Can a jump starter charge a car battery?

Most portable jump starters are designed to give enough power to turn on the car. However, some of the more premium models have a trickle charge component


ModelStarting ampsCapacityWeight
Best overallClore JNC660 Jump Starter42522aH18lbs
Best valueGOOLOO 2000A2000 Peak19.8 ah1.39lbs
Premium pickNOCO Genius GB150700 Peak21 aH‎7.5 lbs
Best for larger vehiclesSTANLEY J5C09 JUMPiT With Air Compressor5009 aH17.55lbs
Best lightweightDBPOWER 800A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter800 Peak18aH3lbs
Best for workshopSchumacher DSR114 Pro Series Jump Starter52522 aH24.46lbs
Best for campingPOTEK Jump Starter with Tire Inflator75018 aH18lbs

Our best portable jump starter recommendation is Clore JNC660 Jump Starter, a sturdy, durable jumper with exceptional cranking power If you want more functionality, check out our best value pick, the Gooloo Jump Starter.

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