Best Lubricants for Your Car Locks, Hinges, and Latches

Lubricants for Hinges and Locks

Without proper lubrication, your car’s locks, hinges, and latches will eventually start squeaking and creaking. To avoid this, take some time to grease these moving parts. The best lubricant for car hinges and latches will not only make your joints run smoothly again, but it will also prevent issues with wear and tear, and rust.

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Types of lubricants

The wrong lubricant can cause damage, so it is a good idea to identify the correct lubricant to use on the components. Consider what material is your door lock or hinge made of. And, how exposed is your joint to extreme elements?

White lithium grease’s qualities make it great for metal-to-metal joints. For one, the thick grease coats the joint to act as a friction reducer- meaningless tear and wear. Plus, the grease repels water, which can cause corrosion and rust.  

Another great all-purpose lubricant option is the WD-40 thick gel formula spray. Best for light-duty lubrication tasks, this product will also help in freeing up sticking or partially rusted hinges and catches. Other types of lubricants include silicone spray that is can be safely used on non-metal parts like nylon, rubber, or plastic, as well as a graphite lubricant mostly used for locks.

How to lubricate car locks

lubricate the trunk lock

This 5-minute maintenance step might save you from broken key nightmares. Simply squirt a small amount of a good-quality graphite lubricant.  into the car door locks. Then, work in the lube into the lock mechanism by inserting your key and moving it around.  Repeat the steps on your trunk lock too.

How to apply grease to car door hinges and latches

The best grease for car door hinges is a penetrating lubricant like the  WD-40 multi-use product which works on nonmetallic materials too. First, check the car door hinges and latches for corrosion. Then spray the WD-40 directly and evenly on the front and rear door hinges. Work in the lubricant by repeatedly opening and closing the doors. Then, apply white lithium grease or motor oil on the hinges.  Again, work this in by opening and closing the door. Now open the door and wipe off any excess lubricant using a soft cloth.

Silicone spray lubricant is your best option for your car door latches as they are likely to have nylon or plastic parts.

How to lubricate gas tank lid

Unscrew the gas cap and spray the WD-40 lube on the screwing mechanism. Then, wipe off excess dirt or grease off the lid using a clean towel. Repeat this step until the cap is clean, and then coat the lid with a silicone-based spray lubricant.

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How to lubricate hood latch & hinges

First, clean the surface of the hinges using a soft cloth. Then,  spray white lithium grease on both sides of the hinges. Thoroughly work in the lubricant by operating the hinges, then wipe away any excess lubricant.

As for the hood latch, fix corrosion and stuck parts with a generous spray of WD-40. Then wipe it off before applying a layer of white lithium grease.

How to lubricate trunk hinges

If you want your trunk to open and close smoothly, you will need to clean and lubricate it. First, use a rag to clean the hinge, then apply a coat of white lithium grease all over the hinge. Be sure to move the hinge several times to work in the grease.

How to lubricate the hood lock

Everything you need for DIY lubrication of your car door locks and hinges

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