Best Floor Jacks to Buy in 2022

Which is the best floor jack for trucks & SUVs?

When you’re jacking up your car, truck or SUV for service or repair, you want to be sure that you’re using the the right floor jack for the job. The best floor jacks will safely lift your car to the desired height without buckling under the weight.

But what’s the best jack for your car? That depends. If you have a large pick-up truck, then you need a truck floor jack that can lift 3-5 tons. But if you are working on a small sedan, then you don’t need a 3 ton floor jack- a lightweight floor jack will do just fine. Deciding which is the best floor jack for your vehicle is important so that you can avoid accidents while lifting your car.


ProductWeight (Tons)Lifting RangeWarrantyPrice
Best OverallBlackhawk B6350 Service Jack3.5 tons/ 7000lb5.5-22 inches1 yr$183
Best Floor Jack for Trucks & SUVsTorin Big Red T83006 for Trucks & SUVs3 tons/  6000lb6-21 inches1 yr$80
Best 3 ton low profile floor jackPittsburgh Low Profile 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack3 tons/  6000lb3 ½ -19 ⅝ inchesNo$190
Best Value 2-ton Low ProfilePro-Lift LowProfile Floor Jack2 tons  /4000lb3 ½ -14 inches2 yrs$65
Best PremiumArcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack3 tons/  6000lb3.75-18 inches1 yr$228

Things to consider

Weight capacity

When shopping for a floor jack, ask yourself how much weight your jack will regularly lift. If your car weighs 3 tons, your floor jack must have a lifting capacity of 3 tons or more. Most floor jack brands have an indicator showing how much weight it can support.

Lifting Range

How high do you have to lift the car? Your floor jack’s maximum height refers to the highest the jack can lift your car. Some high lift floor jacks come with extenders to do the job. Minimum height refers to the lowest a jack can go, so if your car has an especially low clearance, then you will need the low profile trolley jacks.


You want to buy a brand made of quality, durable material such as steel. Steel floor jacks are the most common and last the longest, but are also the heaviest. For a more portable floor jack, go for aluminum floor jacks. Though lighter and pricier, they not quite as durable as steel. Some models are a hybrid of steel and aluminum.

Saddle Size

This refers to the surface area of the automotive floor jack that is in contact with the car. Some of the best floor jacks have rubber padding at the lift point to protect the car from scratches. A bigger saddle means better stability when lifting.


Some hydraulic jacks have features like swiveling casters and wheels to make them easy to move around. Other safety features include bypass and overload valves to protect the hydraulic floor from damages caused by extending the lift beyond its maximum height and weight.

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Best Floor Jacks Reviews

Blackhawk 3-ton Floor Jack

BlackHawk B6350 Floor Jack

The heavy-duty, steel construction of this hydraulic floor jack makes it great for lifting cars and trucks of up to 7000lbs. It has a lifting range of 5.5-22’’- perfected for both regular autos and lifted trucks.  Though heavy, the 3.5 ton floor jack features wheels that roll smoothly on the garage floor. Plus, it has a swivel saddle for easy positioning on your auto’s lifting points. Other safety features include a safety valve and vent plug as well as a bypass device that prevents the jack from over pumping.

Pittsburgh Low Profile 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack

Pittsburgh 61253  3-ton Ultra Low Profile loor Jack

If you use regularly lift heavy vehicles like trucks and SUVs, you want a reliable and safe floor jack like the Pittsburgh. This sturdy steel jack effortlessly lifts both low-profile and higher 3-ton vehicles to a maximum of 19.58 inches. In addition, the extra-wide steel casters offer stability and mobility around the garage. We also like the pricing, which is quite affordable for a product this reliable. Overall, a good option for heavy-duty users.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

This premium floor jack is made from the durable aircraft-grade aluminum, making it both lightweight and very strong. The quick rise mechanism comes in handy at the start of the job to raise the arm to the load.  Then, the reinforced lift arm can lift up to 3 ton weights quickly and safely. The arcan jack 3 ton also features bypass and overload valves that keep the floor jack from overextending its capacity. Overall, a good trolley jack for lowered cars as well as regular sedans and SUVs.

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs

Torin Big Red T83006 Floor Jack

This quick-rise floor jack is a great choice if you regularly need to lift higher vehicles of up to 6000 pounds. It features an extended saddle that offers an additional 10-inch clearance off the ground. With a 3-ton lifting capacity and lift range of 6-21 inches, this steel floor jack will effortlessly lift your trucks and SUVs to the desired height. Weighing just 43 pounds, the Torin Big Red is portable and light and can be moved around using the built-in carrying handle. Also, its wheels have 360-degree-swivel castors for easy movement in your garage.

Pro-Lift 2 ton LowProfile Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 LowProfile Floor Jack

With a lifting range of 3 ½ -14 inches, the Pro-Lift will lift any ground-hugging or regular cars of up to 2 tons. At less than $70, it is also one of the more best value floor jacks – and gives as solid a performance as its pricier competitors. To top it off, it comes with a 2-year warranty period (most offer a 1-year warranty). This lightweight floor jack (30lbs) is compact, portable, and ideal for sedans. So if you want to lifts trucks or SUVs, go for the Pro-LifT G-737 heavy-duty floor jack. 

Alltrade Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack

Alltrade Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack

3 tons/6000lbs | Lifting range: 11-20inch | Weight: 22lbs | $65

This bottle jack’s unique design features a car jack and a jack stand, all in one. The Alltrade bottle jack lifts vertically rather than horizontally to the desired height. Then, you lock the safety bar to safely hold the jack in position while you work on your car. With a lifting height of 11 – 17.25  inches, this 3 ton bottle jack lifts all kinds of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs. Plus, the extra-wide base means you can use the Alltrade bottle jack on sand or rocky terrains.

AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands

AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands

2 tons/4000lbs | Lifting range: 18 inches | Warranty 1 yr | Weight: 10lbs | $24

Trolley jacks are designed to lift, not to support, your vehicle. Immediately after lifting, use appropriately rated jack stands to support the loads as you work under your car. These no-frills, 2-ton steel jacks offer a solid lifting power for most standard cars. Sold in pairs, they feature a self-locking ratchet mechanism to keep the jack securely in place once the desired lift is reached. They weigh just 10.1 lb each and have a lift height of 18inches when used together.

Types of car jacks

Scissor Jack

This type relies on a screw mechanism to lift the car. Small and portable, it is not for heavy-duty lifting.

Floor Jack

The floor jack relies on hydraulic power to lift cars. Commonly used in professional garages and tire shops, this type is sturdier and can lift more weight. However, it is also heavier and more expensive.

Bottle Jack

Shaped like a bottle, this jack has immense weight capacity. It also relies on hydraulic power to lift heavy cars. Luckily, it is compact and can be lugged around in your car. However, because of its slender frame and base, it is not as stable as the floor jack. Plus, its clearance is too high for a low car.

Hi-Lift jacks

These are designed for exceptionally high lifts for specialty cars such as off-roads or vehicles with a high chassis. They are large and mostly used for commercial purposes.


Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Blackhawk B6350  for its excellent lifting capacity, long lift height, and durable construction.  If you are on a budget, the Torin Big Red T83006 jack will give you excellent value for your money. Either way, all the products listed here deliver a good performance so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

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