Best ceramic coatings for satin and matte wheels

Best ceramic coatings for satin and matte wheels

Installing a ceramic wheel coating on your matte-finished wheels will provide excellent protection against contaminants and corrosion, and make cleaning super easy. But what are the best ceramic coatings for satin and matte wheels that will not increase gloss or leave a shine?

We tested the top user recommendations and here are the outstanding picks;

Here’s why your matte-finished wheels need protection

Your rims take a lot of abuse on the road. Potholes, debris, rocks, salt, and brake dust can cause irreversible damage to your rims – hence the need for good protection. Sealants and waxes will work for a short while, but what you want is a long-lasting ceramic coating that will deliver a rich and healthy finish while also being easy to clean and maintain.

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Dr. Beasley’s Matte Wheels Protection

Dr. Beasley's best ceramic coating for matte wheels

Your matte rims will look fantastic with this matte-specific sealant which adds a layer of protection in between your wheels and any contaminants. To clean, simply hose the rims and watch the brake dust and dirt just slide off. Although a tad pricey, this is one of the most recommended coatings for satin and matte wheels on the market. With no fillers, waxes, or silicones, Dr. Beasley’s maintains the matte and satin wheel finishes in their original appearance. Lasts for 6+ months.

Gyeon Rim Ceramic Coating

GYEON Quartz Rim Best Ceramic Coating for Matta or Satin Wheels

This wheel ceramic coating offers significant protection of your rims without adding gloss. Each coating will improve the matte finish, making your rims super easy to clean and maintain. Although not matte-specific, many matte/satin-finished wheels owners swear by this quality product from the Gyeon brand whose protection lasts between 6-12 months. But if you want their matte-specific ceramic coating, go for GYEON Q² matte ceramic matte and satin finish paint

CQUARTZ Dlux Wheel and Trim Ceramic Coat

CARPRO CQUARTZ Dlux ceramic pro wheel coating

CQUARTZ Dlux coating works great on satin/matte finishes as well plastic trim. It is of the best ways to protect your wheels – the ceramic coating forms an ultra-slick surface, making water, dirt, dust, bug splatters, tree sap, and other sticky stuff less likely to bond to the coating. It also makes cleaning the wheels much easier. So, get rid of the chalky, shiny finish on your black wheels with this best ceramic coating for matte wheels.

Can I use matte paint ceramic coating on my matte rims?

While some wheel finishes may require specific ceramic coatings, matte and satin wheel finishes can use the same product you put on your matte body panels. However, the coating will last longer on your car body panels than on your wheels. This is because your wheels are more exposed to harsher conditions including higher temperatures, more dirt, and brake dust- all of which will shorten your ceramic coating’s lifespan.

Ceramic coating matte black wheels

Your black matte and satin-finished wheels will benefit from ceramic coating without the worry of white residue or gloss as long as you apply the coating properly. Once you have chosen your ceramic coating, remove a wheel and test it on the back of a spoke before full application on the rest of your rim. We found the Gtechniq C5 matte wheel coating works great on black matte and satin wheels without leaving them shiny. However, be sure to wipe off excess product with a microfiber towel as it becomes hard to remove if left on too long.

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