5 Best Car Windshield Snow Covers Of 2022

Here are the toughest snow covers to keep your windshield clear during winter.

What can I use to cover my windshield from snow?
What can I use to cover my windshield from snow?

If you park your car outside in the winter, you probably have to spend several minutes each morning scraping the snow off your windshield. The good news is that all of this scraping work is unnecessary if you install a windshield snow cover! The best car windshield snow cover protects your windscreen and wipers from snow, ice and frost. It only takes a minute or two to install or remove the snow cover and you are ready to go!

How winter windshield covers work

The car windshield cover is designed to lie directly on the windscreen and cover every inch of it. It forms a protective layer to help protect against weather elements including snow and ice. When you’re ready to go, simply remove the car windshield cover and shake off the snow, then you can be on your way. There’s zero risk of scratching your windshield (like when using a snow scraper). No more worries about hail, ice chippers, or debris causing cracks on your windscreen. Plus, the cover comes in handy during summer, autumn, or spring to shield your windshield from the sun, dust, fallen leaves, and droppings.

We found you the best windshield cover for snow:

Best Car Windshield Snow Cover Reviews

EcoNour windshield cover for snow

EcoNour Car Windshield Snow Cover for Ice and Snow

With its heavy-duty Oxford material construction, this windscreen ice cover will outlast many winter storms. Plus its waterproof PVC backing means that your cover won’t saturate in the rain or stick to your windshield when covered with snow. Features anti-theft side flaps as well elastic bands on each side to loop around the side mirror. With its 69″ x 42″ dimensions, this snow windshield cover will fill the front windshield from end to end on most vehicles. The windshield frost cover includes a handy waterproof storage pouch for efficient keep when not in use.

OxGord Windshield Snow Cover

OxGord Windshield heavy duty Snow Cover and Ice deflector

Our pick for the best windshield snow cover for cars is this durable cover from OxGord. It uses a heat-trapping thermal shield to protect your windshield from snow, ice, and frost. It’s also useful as an all-weather summer sunshade for keeping the sun and heat out. Attaches with sturdy elastic bands – one on each side – that fit over the side mirrors on both sides of the car, as well as antitheft panels that are locked in the doors.

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FrostGuard Windshield Cover

Weathertech windshield snow cover

The Frost Guard windshield cover pack includes a windshield frost cover, side view mirrors protector, and windshield wiper covers. These snow covers are is made of polyester and lined with weather-resistant PVC that won’t get stuck on your windscreen. Two side panels (reinforced with sewn-in PVC tubes) help anchor the cover to your windshield, and a storage pouch is included for easy storage. It’s easy to use—just slip the snow cover over your windshield overnight and remove it in the morning. The Frost guard windshield cover comes in two sizes to fit small and large vehicles.

Lader Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

LADER car windshield frost protector

This snow cover for windshield features magnet fasteners to secure it tightly in place during tough wind storms. Durable, heavy-duty 600D polyester-backed material is used to ensure longevity, while the bonus side mirror covers ensure more coverage.  too for more coverage. It measures 47” x 63”, perfect for covering the entire windshield of family cars (not trucks and large vans). Plus, the windshield ice cover comes with side mirror covers too. Super easy to install and uninstall, and includes a handy storage bag.

Altitaco car windshield snow and ice cover

ALTITACO Car Windshield Snow Cover for truck

This large 83″x49.2″ car windshield cover for snow and ice is large enough to fit most SUVs, vans, and trucks. Features a double-sided design with dual functions: – the black side makes an excellent snow cover in winter, while the silver side works well as your car windshield sunshade in the summer. The magnetic windshield snow and ice cover fastens via magnets and elastic straps. No need to worry about getting paint scratches from the magnets – they are sewn in between the fabric to protect your paint.  At only $15, this windshield ice cover is a steal!

Another great option in this price range is the Mitaloo car windshield snow and ice cover. At 57″ x 47″, it is a perfect fit for family cars and fastens snugly via elastic straps and side panels (no magnets). The windshield frost guard easily folds flat and comes with its bag for portability and storage.

Hehui car snow shield

HEHUI Extra Large Windshield Snow Cover for SUVs and trucks

This 62’’x48’ universal fit windshield snow protector provides excellent protection from ice, snow, and frost. Plus, you can use it in the summer to shield your car from the scorching sun. In addition to elastic straps and side flaps, the winter frost cover for car also Has magnets that keep it in place even in the windy snowstorms

Kohree snow cover for car windshield

Kohree Car snow cover for car windshield amazon

If you drive a truck, van, or SUV, you’ll want this large 76’’/L X 49’’/W windshield snow protector. It’s crafted from a tough and durable 600D polyester, with a soft PU coating to prevent it from sticking to your windshield. Along with the windshield frost guard, the package also includes side view mirror covers too. Whether you use it on a hot summer day or a cold winter morning, this windscreen snow cover provides excellent coverage for your car.  

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How To Choose A Windshield Snow Cover

Certain types of car snow covers are more effective, are easier to use, and last longer than others. Here is what you should consider when buying the best snow cover for car windshield.


Windshields come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to measure the dimensions of your windscreen before buying your cover. For instance, windshield ice cover for family cars will not adequately cover and protect trucks and SUVs. Likewise, larger-sized windshield ice covers will not fit snugly or securely on smaller cars and could be blown off by the wind.

Secure Fit

Your cover for windshield for snow comes with elastic straps, side panels and/or magnets to securely fasten it to your windscreen. The side flaps are locked inside the car to prevent theft of the cover. Some people prefer shields with elastic straps to magnetic fastenings as the latter has been known to scratch paint.


Often, windshield snow cover for car come with a waterproof storage bag. Once used, the cover is easy to clean, fold and store in the bag or trunk, or rear seats.

Ease of installation

The ease of installation of your snow and ice deflector car windshield cover depends on the type of fastenings or attachments it uses. Magnets, elastic straps, and flaps are common examples of such attachments. But ultimately you want to get a windshield cover for snow and ice that is easy to install and takes little time.

Windshield snow cover prices

At the low end, prices for front windshield protection covers start at around $10, while the more expensive models range from $28 to $35. Higher-priced models typically have thicker and better fabrics, raised seams, and reinforced stitching. You can find products with magnet closures, door flaps, and elastic straps at both price points. batting and reinforced seams.


Best winter windshield cover brands With side mirror and windshield wiper coversMagneticDimensionsPrice
EcoNour windshield cover for snowNoNo 69”L X 42″H$29.99
OxGord Windshield Snow CoverNoNo75”L x 42.25”H $29.95
FrostGuard Windshield CoverYesNoStandard, XL & X-LargeVaried
Lader Windshield Cover for Ice and SnowYesYes47 inches by 63 inches$26.99
Altitaco car windshield snow and ice coverNoYes83″ x 49.2″$14.99
Hehui car snow shieldNoNo62’’x48’’$19.99
Kohree snow cover for car windshieldYesNo6’’/L X 49’’/W 
Car and truck windshield cover for snow and ice

How To Install Windshield Snow Cover

Quick Installation of Windshield Snow Covers (without magnets)

  1. Before installing the windshield cover, lift the wiper blades. You will lower them on top of the cover after installation.
  2. Unroll the car winter cover on your car’s windscreen.
  3. If your snow cover for windshield has a door flap, start by opening both doors and adjusting the cover across the entire surface before closing either door.
  4. Then, close both doors and tighten the straps to get full coverage.
  5. Lastly, fasten both of the elastic bands on your car’s rear-view mirrors.

Quick Installation of Magnetic Windshield Covers

  1. Before installing the car winter cover, lift the wiper blades. You will lower them on top of the cover after installation
  2. Spread the magnetic windshield cover on your car windscreen.
  3. Make sure the cover’s magnetic edge is securely fastened to the windshield wipers area
  4. Then, close both doors and tighten the straps to get full coverage.
  5. Lastly, fasten both of the elastic bands on your car’s rear-view mirrors.


Q. Are windshield covers worth it?
A. If you can’t stand the hassle of scraping ice and snow off your car’s windshield, then you will appreciate the value of windshield covers. Windshield snow covers add an extra layer of protection to your car and keep snow, ice, frost leaves, bird poops, dust, and other fallen objects off your windshield.  You also avoid scratches on your windscreen caused by snow scrapers. In the summer, you can use a windshield cover to keep sunlight out—helping shield your interior from heat.

Q. Can windshield magnets damage my car’s paint?
Magnets, if placed directly on your car, can damage the paint. However, most winter windshield cover brands sew in the magnets between the fabric to insulate your car from this kind of damage. Be careful not to drag the winter snow car shade across the paint when uninstalling.

Q. Can heavy ice and snow cause the cover to tear or rip?
A. The best windshield snow covers are designed to be durable enough to survive heavy snow or ice without tearing. When removing your winter windshield cover after use, be sure to carefully roll it toward the opposite end of the car. Gently shake off any ice and snow without tearing the material. If you find yourself with a stubbornly glued-on windshield cover, you can try warming up the engine before peeling it off.

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