The 3 Best Car Window Blackout Shades for Privacy and Comfort When Sleeping in Your Car

These blackout car shades keep your dark and cool so you can get some quality sleep in your car.

How do you black out car windows for sleep?
Getting the right window cover for your car is essential if you want to sleep comfortably.

Car camping can be a fun and affordable getaway – but it can get a little uncomfortable too.  Like when you’re trying to sleep but there’s light blazing through your car windows. Or when you wake up to nosy people staring at you through the window. That’s why it’s so important to have a good set of the best car window blackout shades. Not only do they help block out the light, but car blinds also give you an extra layer of privacy. That’s not all; they also help to keep your car cool when temperatures outside are on the rise.

Here are 3 of the best blackout shades for car windows that you can buy today—and they’re pretty affordable, too.

How to Choose the Best Car Window Blackout Shades for You

When you’re looking for a blackout shade for your car, consider how it attaches to the car window (suction cups or magnets). Most styles attach easily and can be quickly installed and removed. If you opt for a magnetic car sun blocker, go for one that has plenty of attachment points. Also, consider the dimensions of your car window; most window blackout car shades are universal sized but could be too big or too small for your car. Finally, look carefully at the materials used in constructing the car window shades for sleeping – preferably something sturdy with a thick material that will block out most rays of sunlight.

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Car Blackout Blinds Privacy Curtain

Best Car Window Blackout Shades for Privacy and Comfort

These car blinds adhere firmly to your metal door frames to provide privacy and block out blazing sunlight that streams through the windows. The material is thick and pleated for extra impenetrability. The retractable car blinds can be adjusted to let in as much or as little sunlight as you want -perfect for a sleeping baby in the backseat perfect or just sleeping while camping. Each car privacy shade measures 29.1L X 18W inches and will fit most cars.

Zatooto Magnetic Car Side Window Sun Shades

How can I cover my car windows for privacy - Zatooto Magnetic Car blinds

Now, you can have a total blackout in your car with these amazing car curtains! They come in a pack of four, 2 front privacy curtains and 2 car rear window blinds (you can buy each set separately). For total blackout coverage, pair these up with the Mcbuty car windshield sunshade. To use, simply attach the blackout shades to your car door frame, and slide them back and forth as needed to adjust the light. You can open and close the window if it gets a little stuffy inside. Features a universal size fitting and the 16 magnetic points of attachment per car blind  which means it will stay put until you’re ready to uninstall.

Aokway car sun blocker blackout blind

Best Car Window Blackout Shades- Aokway car sun blocker

The two-sided car window blackout shades are reflective on the outside (helps to regulate your car’s temperature) and printed on the inside. The car privacy shades block out sunlight, headlights, and street lights, while also completely covering your window for privacy. They attach magnetically so it’s easy to remove and put back on whenever you need them. Be sure to measure your car windows (short side 7.9 inches, the long side is 19.7 inches while the length is 31.5 inches) to get the exact fitting. Pair them up with Autoamerics reflective windshield sun blocker for total blackout.

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DIY Car Window Blackout Shades

DIY Car Window Blackout Shades

Not ready to invest in new blackout shades for your car windows, but need to get some shut-eye on those long road trips? Worry not. You can make your DIY car window blackout shades – all you need is a little bit of time and some materials. First, start by getting the reflectix (check amazon). Then and measure your window dimensions and cut out the reflective to the size of your window and fasten using Velcro. Here is a quick tutorial.

Why you need Car Window Blackout Shades

They are just what they sound like— car curtains that block out light and keep your car interior cool by blocking out sunlight and reducing heat transfer in the summer months. In addition to keeping everything cool and dark, no one can peek inside! The car blackout curtain sticks magnetically to the window and covers any gaps between windows so there is no way someone can see through them from outside.

The best window blackout shades for your car

Car window blackout blinds brandDimensionsPackPrice (as at publication)
Car Blackout Blinds Privacy Curtain29.1 x 0.1 x 18.8 inches2 pcs$22.98
Zatooto Magnetic  blackout curtain for car29.1 x 18.8 x 0.1 inches2 pcs & 4 pcs23.87 (2pcs), $39.98 (4 pcs)
Aokway car blackout shadeFront window sunshade: Size: Short 7.9 x 19.7 X 31.5 inches. Rear window sunshade: Size: 30.7*19.7 inches4 pcs$24.99

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