The Best Car Tweeters to Enhance Your Car Audio System

Best Car tweeters

When upgrading your car sound system, you want a sweet combination of speakers that will enhance the low, middle-level, and high tones of your music. While a subwoofer gives you plenty of bass, car tweeters will reproduce clear high-frequency notes. The best car tweeters complements your other speakers and gives you a great sounding audio system. We set out to find the top car tweeters in the market right now.

What’s the best place to install tweeters in a car?

The most common tweeter mounting locations include the space between the front door window and the windshield. You can surface mount your tweeter here. Or you can flush mount them on the upper part of the doors. Alternatively, you can bottom mount your hifi tweeters on your dashboard, with one tweeter facing the driver’s seat and the other, the passenger’s seat.

Where you install your tweeters will depend on the spaces in your car and the kind of audio experience you want to create. Just bear in mind that the tweeters should be no further than 12 inches from the speakers.

Do tweeters make a difference to your sound quality?

Yes, they do – if you want a more authentic audio experience. These tiny speakers reproduce the higher frequencies that bigger speakers are incapable of doing.

So, installing good tweeter speakers tweeters will complement the other speakers and the result is a full range car audio system.

What is the best tweeter size to buy?

Your best bet is the standard 1-inch car tweeter, which fits most cars. However, the tweeter size can be as small as ¼ inch to bigger than 1 inch. The smaller the size, the higher the frequencies reproduced.

5 Best Car Tweeters Review

Polk Audio Dome Tweeters

Polk Audio DB1001 1-Inch Silk Polymer Composite Dome Tweeters

Whether you want to upgrade your truck or boat’s audio system, these sturdy marine-certified car tweeters Polks are an excellent choice. Constructed using durable silk and polymer materials, these nice-looking set car tweeters boast of cool features you won’t find in your regular tweeters. The 1 inch tweeters have a high sensitivity of 92 decibels, so you require less power to drive them – and they work with low-powered stereos too. If your system has an external amplifier, you can crank up the volume to 180+ watts without harming your Polk aftermarket car tweeters.

Another outstanding feature is the use of the neodymium magnet that delivers a more precise and smooth sound. And, the dome is liquid-cooled to help dissipate heat and eliminate burn-outs. best 1-inch car tweeters from the trusted Polk Audio company

Alpine Car Audio Component Silk Dome Tweeter Set

Alpine best car audio tweeters: the best super tweeters for car audio

Audiophiles will love this premium aftermarket tweeter kit which delivers great overall sound quality and subtle musical details. The advanced ring design ensures that everyone in the car enjoys a uniform quality of sound, even if the tweeters are not pointed at you. Another cool feature is that you can peel back the car audio tweeter’s cover to reveal knobs that adjust the tweeter attenuation.  Depending on your speaker levels, you can select 0, -2, -4, or -6 attenuation options. You have 3 mounting options – flush, top, and bottom- and the mounting hardware is included. Overall, these are the best car tweeter options for picky sound lovers -but be ready to pay a premium price.

Kicker Titanium Dome Tweeters

Kicker Titanium: Best tweeter speakers for cars

Titanium domes are known for their crisp, precise sounds, and that is exactly what Kicker’s 43CST204 delivers. Even if you have not installed an amp yet, these attractive high-sensitivity tweeters will work just fine to deliver the dynamic high-quality sound you crave. Plus, everything you need for installation is included in the aftermarket tweeter’s package. These flush-mount factory tweeters are an easy fit in most cars as you have 3 mounting options; flush, surface, and angle mounting.

Power Acoustik 3-Way Car Audio Tweeters

Investing in car tweeters: Power Acoustik Tweeters

The Power Acoustics are among the best cheap tweeters on the market today. They are compact enough to mount on very small surfaces – even on your motorbike and you can choose to surface- or angle-mount them. Plus, they are designed using the unique niobium ferroelectric transducer magnets that block magnetic field disruptions – meaning your highs will be clearer and stronger. Additionally, the high-pass crossover feature blocks low-frequencies from accessing the pair of tweeters and distorting the sound.

JBL Premium 3/4″ soft-dome tweeters


These are compact, easy-to-fit JBL car tweeters are a great option if you want to quickly upgrade your car’s audio system. They feature versatile mounting hardware – the Versatile I-mount and Starfish – that have multiple installation options. Another special feature is the 3-ohm impedance, which enables these aftermarket tweeters to draw more power from the car audio system (beyond the rated 45 watts). Meaning you can go ahead and crank up the volume without reducing your sound quality. They feature oversized voice coils for more heat dissipation so that your speakers can handle more power, so you get optimum sound quality.

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Things to consider when buying top rated tweeters

Tweeter material

Good tweeter speakers should both be durable and able to produce good sound quality. The kind of material used will determine both these aspects. Soft materials like silk, textile, and poly produce smooth sounds but are not as durable as those made from hard materials such as metal, graphite, or ceramics.

Hard material tweeters are the best; they produce a powerful, crisp sound and are durable. You also have the option of synthetic-material tweeters like Mylar or PET, which are less powerful. Because they lack stiffness, their damping capability is also limited. However, many of the synthetic and textile car tweeters have longevity and quality sound production, so you need not worry.


The shape of the car audio component tweeters affects how they transmit high frequencies in the car. Most budget tweeters are semi-dome, meaning a small dome is nestled inside a cone. This semi-dome tweeter is easy to mount in tight spaces. Then there is the dome tweeter, an upgrade of the semi-dome but wider and disperses more sound. This is a great option if you want a custom car audio system but beware of the increased power requirement. Finally, for the inverted dome tweeter, the dome is pointed inwards instead of protruding outwards for improved sound radiation.

Power handling capacity and impedance

Your tweeters’ impedance and power handling capacity should be similar to your amplifiers. Any mismatch between the two could potentially overheat your tweeters. On average, most factory tweeters have an impedance of 4 ohms and 25-50 watts of RMS power. If you want a more powerful set of tweeters, make sure it matches with your amplifier. Overall, aftermarket tweeters rated at 25W to 50W work great, even at high volumes. However, boats and open vehicles like Jeeps may need super tweeters that are more powerful.

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More top rated tweeters reviews

Rockford Fosgate One-inch Tweeter Kit

Rockford Fosgate Tweeter Kit

These decently-priced set of tweeters produce smooth, vibrant highs – thanks to their Mylar-balanced dome construction. Measuring just one inch, these high quality tweeters feature a recessed tweeter mount that is flexible enough for surface, angle, and flush mounting. They work well even with low-power car stereos and have a built-in passive crossover for distortion-free sound.

BOSS Car Bullet Dome Super Tweeters for Car Audio  

BOSS Car Dome Super Best bullet tweeters for car audio

These tweeter speakers for cars reproduce smooth, precise sound even when your volume is cranked up to the max. No sound distortion for this model, thanks to its 250 watts peak power rating and 125 watts RMS. Installing the Boss tweeters is easy- you can surface-, flush-, or angle-mount according to your preference

Infinity Edge-Driven Tweeters

Infinity REF-275tx best car tweeters 2020

These car tweeters are made from edge-driven textile material, which adds plenty of texture to your high-frequency sounds. The large 3-ohm woofer cone makes this dome one of the more popular tweeters in the market. The Infinity REF tweeters deliver up to 135 watts peak power rating and 45 watts RMS. Overall, a quality yet inexpensive unit that can beautifully complement the speakers of your car’s audio stereo system.

Pioneer 7/8-Inch Hard-Dome Tweeters

Best component speakers- Pioneer TS-T110 Hard-Dome tweeters

This set of two car tweeters from Pioneer are easy on both the eyes and the ears. They may not be the most powerful speakers at 40-watt RMS power, but their sound output is a pleasant balance of high-frequency notes. On the aesthetic front, the metal mesh grills give the speakers a stylish look. And, you can easily mount these top Pioneer tweeters in flush or surface positions.


SpecsPower Handling RMS Peak PowerSensitivity
Polk Audio Dome Tweeters1 inch liquid-cooled silk polymer Composite dome120 watts270 watts92db
BOSS TW15 Car TweetersCar Bullet Dome Flush Super Tweeters125 watts250 watts100db
Power Acoustik 3-Way Tweeters  200-Watt 3-Way Tweeters100 Watts200 watts27db
Infinity REF-275tx Edge-DrivenEdge-Driven Textile Car Tweeters, 3/4”45 watt135 watt93db
Alpine Car Audio Component Tweeters1″ Component Dome Tweeter80 Watts240 watts88db
 Kicker Titanium 1″ silk dome tweeter75 watts150 watts94dB
Rockford Fosgate Tweeter Kit1/2” mylar balanced dome tweeter kit40 watts 80 watts72.5dB 
JBL GTO19TPremium 3/4″ soft-dome tweeters45 watts 135 watts 93 dB

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to add tweeters to a basic sound system or are looking to replace worn-out tweeters, our top recommendation is the Polk audio dome tweeters. These high-quality tweeters deliver smooth, loud, and detailed high notes to your car. Plus, they have a ton of safety features that makes them highly durable.

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