The Best Sun Visor Mirror for Cars

Get a good angle on yourself with these detachable car visor vanity mirrors.

Can you replace mirror in sun visor
Visor vanity mirrors are great for applying makeup and other grooming tasks during your commute.

Do you struggle to get a good look at yourself in your car’s tiny, awkwardly-positioned visor mirror? Then a detachable visor vanity mirror is just what you need! This handy little gadget attaches to your car’s visor to give you a bigger, clearer view of yourself.  And some of the best sun visor mirrors come with smart LED lighting. You can take them off the sun visor for easy storage and travel.

Here is the best sun visor mirror of 2022:

How Do You Use a Car Visor Vanity Mirror?

Car sun visor vanity mirrors are great for applying makeup and other grooming tasks during morning commutes. To use, flip down your sun visor and attach the car visor mirror using the fasteners provided (Velcro or clips). After use, flip the sun visor back up. The car visor mirror holds tightly on the sun visor, and you can keep it attached without affecting the opening and closing of your sun visor.

Reviews of 5 Best Visor Mirrors

Xinlykid Car Sun Visor Mirror With LED

Can you replace mirror in visor - Xinlykid Best Car Sun Visor Mirror With LED

This best-seller gadget offers a large, super-clear mirror and excellent lighting options: bright white or soft and mild yellow which you can dim to control the brightness. Dual power supply – built-in lithium battery and USB cable – ensures that you are never without power. Easy-to-install velcro straps let you attach the car makeup mirror quickly anywhere on any car visor. Fits most vehicles.

Kinsei Sun Visor Mirror Clip On

Kinsei Clip on car sun visor makeup mirror

This visor mirror has two adjustable clips that snap onto most sun visors to hold it in place. Its large, bright, and clear mirror is perfect for daily car use. The light is soft and natural, and the brightness can be adjusted by pressing and holding the touch switch. Powers via an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Note: The car visor mirror can be fixed on sun visors up to 6.65″ in width.

Cutygirl Vanity Mirror For Car Sun Visor

Cutygirl lighted clip-on car visor mirror

This budget LED visor mirror provides perfect lighting on the go. It has multiple lighting modes and can be dimmed to your liking, so it’s perfect even at night. The visor mirror is easy to slip off, too, so you can carry it in your travel bag. We like that it comes with a 3m-long charging cable and has a memory function, so it will turn on to the last set brightness and color.

If you’re looking for a more affordable car visor mirror brand, the BTYIMI car vanity mirror with lights is a good option at only $16.99.

Custom Accessories Clip On Car Visor Mirror

Custom Accessories can you replace mirror in sun visors

This no-fluff visor mirror is perfect for drivers who don’t have a built-in visor mirror. It is easy to install with the included clips and adhesive. The vanity mirror for car measures 5.25″ x 3″ and its sleek design (1/4″ thick) adds no extra bulk to your sun visor.

Huicocy Tri-Fold Car Visor Mirror

Huicocy - Where to buy car sun visor mirror

This large car visor mirror adopts a three-fold folding design, which allows you to make up and tidy up your appearance from multiple angles. Portable and foldable, this mirror for car visors does not occupy unnecessary space in your car. Features adjustable Velcro that easily mounts to all types of sun visors. We like its elegant appearance and clear mirror.

Looking for a better deal? The Lecamebor tri-fold car visor mirror, priced at only $10, is a good budget choice.

COMPARISON OF THE Best Sun Visor Mirror

Car Mirror for Visor BrandSizeWith LED LightsAttachmentPrice
Xinlykid Car Sun Visor Mirror With LED 10.2(L)*5.3(W)*0.4(H)YesVelcro$29.99
Cutygirl Vanity Mirror For Car Sun Visor10.2(L)*5.3(W)*0.4(H) inch,YesVelcro$21.98
Custom Accessories Clip On Car Visor Mirror5.25″ x 3″NoClip on$7.95
Kinsei Clip on Vanity Mirror7.0*5.6*1.18YesClip on$19.99
Huicocy Tri-Fold Car Visor Mirror 12in*5.5inNoVelcro$14.99
LECAMEBOR car sun visor makeup mirror12 X 5.5 inches NoVelcro$10.00
Which is the best sun visor mirror?

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