The Best Pet Barrier for Cars

These car dog guards will keep your pooch safe while on transit

The Best car pet barrier Amazon reviews
The best pet barriers for cars ensure that your pet stays safe and contained while while on transit

If you’ve ever driven with your pet, you know how restless they can be—they’ll probably try to climb onto your lap at some point. That’s why pet barriers for cars are so great—they help keep your pet confined in the back seat or cargo space, so he doesn’t distract you while driving. These car barriers also help keep your pet safe in the case of an emergency braking situation.

When it comes to choosing the best pet barrier for vehicles, there’s a wide range of styles to suit your car and pet needs. We found you 5 of the best pet barrier for cars on the market. Want to know why we chose each one? Scroll deeper!

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Before you buy  

When choosing a car pet barrier, consider your pet’s size and personality. A completely enclosed car pet guard might be the best choice for large, excitable pets. On the other hand, smaller pets often get their heads stuck between the bars of metal barriers, making a backseat mesh guard more appropriate– as long as she is not a chewer.

To ensure you get the right fit for your car, measure the length of your sedan, SUV, or truck before ordering a vehicle pet barrier.

The Best Pet Barrier for Cars Reviewed

Best Between-Seat Pet Barrier

Dykeson backseat pet barrier: The best car pet barrier for smaller pets

This car pet barrier from Dykeson stretches to cover the space between the front seats, keeping your pet confined to the rear. Easy to install, the car pet barrier mesh features four hooks that attach easily to the back seat headrests and sides. Apart from keeping your pet where he belongs, this pet guard also serves as an organizer for smaller items you want to bring along during a road trip- thanks to its double-layer mesh design.

If you have a larger pet, regular between-seat pet barriers won’t stop your pet from jumping into the front seat. The best pet mesh barrier for bigger pets is the High Road pet car barrier – it covers the open space between the front seats up to the headliner. It features chew-resistant polyester netting as well as a padded frame that keeps pets safe from injury when riding in vehicles.

Best Cargo Area Barrier for Pets

Pawple mesh pet barrier: The best pet barrier for trucks and SUVs

The Pawple cargo barrier for SUVs, cars, and trucks is made of heavy-duty mesh or metal bars, and has fully adjustable panels that extend in height or width. Mounting the car pet barrier securely onto the back seat headrests is essential to prevent it from sliding forward. The protective padding also shields your car interior from damage. Overall, one of the safest way for dogs to ride in cars.

Best Pet Barrier for Trucks

These sturdy Bushwhacker pet barriers come in three different widths (47, 50, or 56 inches), large enough for your larger cars and trucks. It features a one-inch tubular steel frame with a scratch-resistant mesh lining and can be hooked up to seat headrests, baby car seat brackets, tie-down brackets, or around the seat frame. Works for both big and small pets – be sure to measure your vehicle first.

Best Metal Pet Barrie for Cars

Zookeeper Cargo Pet Barrier for car boot

The Zookeeper pet barrier gate works by covering the space between the front seats from the console to the headliner. It attaches to the back of the front seats using plastic bungee cords, and you can move or adjust your seats with no issue. This pet barrier for vehicles has an adjustable strap system allowing quick and easy installation. There’s plenty of spaces between the bars through which you can give your pet some rubs along the ride.

Need a pet gate that only covers the area from the top of the seat backs to the headliner? Consider the Walky Guard, an easy-access pet barrier for cars that will keep your pet from climbing up over the front seats when you aren’t looking.

Best Mesh Pet Barrier

Zone Tech Large mesh pet barrier for cars

The Zone Tech barrier is made of strong polyester mesh netting and fits snugly against the back of seats to keep your pet in the rear seats. Easy to install and remove – simply pop the included hooks and bungee cords in place, and you’re ready to go. This vehicle pet barrier can be attached either to the handles above the door or the front seat headrests. It comes in two sizes to fit any type of car, and it’s affordable, too.

Car Pet Hammock barrier

Active Pets pet hammock for car barrier

The full-coverage Active Pets car hammock for pets provides coverage for your car, so your mud-loving pup can hang out in the backseat without creating a mess. It also blocks off the center console so your pet can’t come through the space between the front seat. This pet hammock for car barrier wipes clean in seconds, so you can bring it inside with you or give it a good rinse on-the-go.

Best Barrier and Extender Combo

Kurgo pet barrier for car: dog barrier for car

The Kurgo pet barrier for vehicles not only includes a center console barrier that will keep your pets from standing on the armrest; it also has an extender that prevents the pets from falling in the car footwell. The car barrier for pets also features extra storage for anything else your pet might need for your outings.

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5 Tips for Car Travel with Your Pet     

While it’s a good idea to install a pet barrier for cars, there are a couple of other things you can do to prepare for your trip with your pet. Here are helpful tips to follow before hitting the road.

  1. Before taking a long trip, take a few short trips with your pet to get him used to travel by car. Gradually increase the duration of these trips until your pet is comfortable with long trips.
  2. Give your pet a light meal three to four hours before leaving. If you must feed them on the road, do not do so in a moving vehicle, as this may cause pet car sickness
  3. Don’t let your pet ride with its head out the window – it may be hit by passing debris or get thrown out the window in a collision or if you have to stop suddenly.
  4. Keep your car well ventilated – it can quickly get too hot for your pet. Never leave your pet alone in a parked car, especially in very hot or very cold temperatures.
  5. Also, arrange a lot of stops-let your pet stretch his legs, go to the bathroom, and expend some energy.

Which is the most pet friendly car pet barrier?

Our favorite one is the High Road Pet Car Barrier for its extra safety features. The steel frames have foam padding to shield against any pet injuries due to sudden stops or accidents.

Which is the best adjustable vehicle pet barrier?

Our top recommendation is the fully adjustable Rabbitgoo car dog barrier. The clever design features a main panel (35.8” length and 15.9” height) which can be extended to a full length of 61.4″. This top car pet barrier easily adjusts to fit most SUVs, vans, Jeeps & hatchbacks and is large enough to secure the back cargo area and to keep your pet out of the front seat area.

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