The best car cup holder expander adapters for large water bottles and mugs

Best car cup holder expander adapters for large water bottles and mugs
How do you make cup holders bigger?

It’s always frustrating when your water bottle or coffee mug won’t fit in your car’s cup holder. Most standard cups holders are too small, awkwardly placed, and your drinks will likely wobble and spill. So, if you want to have your coffee or tea as your drive to work, get yourself the best car cup holder expander adapter. These nifty gadgets will fit inside your existing car cup holder and can securely hold up to 40oz Yeti Rambler, Gatorade, and Hydro Flask water bottles.

Here are the top cup holder expander adapters:

Which car cup holder expander should I pick?

When choosing your car cup holder adapter, think about the diameter and depth of your original cup holder. Some car cup holders are too shallow and narrow for the larger adapters. Buying the right size cup holder adapter will keep your drinks secure in your car, even when you break suddenly. Luckily, some of the best car cup holder expanders have extendable bases and adjustable height for more stability and easy use. 

If you want a cup holder adapter that will last a long time, go for one that is constructed from high-quality material. A good example is the Smart Kup car cup holder made of sturdy ABS plastic material. Solidly constructed car cup holder adapters will provide stability and quality for a longer time.  Check that you can quickly mount and detach the drink carrier so you can clean it regularly.  

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Best car cup holder expander adapter review

Seven Sparta 2 Pack Car Cup Holder Expander

Best Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter with Adjustable Base Seven Sparta

This stylish cup holder adapter’s base will expand or contract to fit into original cup holders of 2.5″-3.75″ diameter. Features a solid and thick plastic construction, with rubber tabs around the top of the cup holder to hold your bottle or mug firmly in place. This car cup holder expander is big enough for giant bottles, mugs, and thermos flasks and has a side slot for bottles or mugs with handles. With its 3’’ height, the adapter is deep enough to provide a great balance for your water bottle.

Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter

Best car cup holder expander for hydro flask - Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander

This best-selling adapter works great with bottles and mugs of any size, from 20oz -40 oz and many of the sizes in between.  Swigzy’s extendable base expands or shrinks (2.5”-3.75”) to fit tightly into all sorts of car cup holders including trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, boats, trucks, and RV’s. Thick rubber pads are placed on the base to firmly attach the adapter to your original car cup holder.  This stable cup holder expander features rubber taps at the top to firmly hold your bottle or mug in place, as well as a side slot for the handles on your coffee mugs. A premium product, the Swigzy quality, sturdy build, and stability in the car make it one of the most recommended brands by users.

BottlePro – Adjustable Cup Holder Adapter

Best extra large cup holder adapter - BottlePro Adjustable Cup Holder Adapter

BottlePro does not have an extendable base, but its clever 3-ring base design makes it adaptable to fit in most standard cup holders. Included is a neoprene sleeve that is wrapped around the adapter’s base to ensure a snug fit, while also protecting BottlePro from scratches and damage. Great for giant water bottles of up to 3.8‘’ diameter such as 32-40oz Hydro Flasks, Iron Flasks, Takeyas, and Nalgenes.

PFCC Cup Holder Expander with Adjustable Base

Best Cup Holder adapter for 32oz-40oz Bottles and Cup - PFCC Cup Holder Expander

You can use this cup holder adapter on all sorts of automotive cup holders – thanks to its base that expands and retracts to fit existing cup holders. We like its sturdy, solid build, and the removable rubber tabs around the top of the cup holder that hold the cup firmly in place. Best for your large 32-40 oz. water bottles and mugs.

Joytutus stable cup holder expander

Does Yeti 36oz fit in cup holder. Joytutus stable cup holder expander

This cup holder adapter is designed to fit inside any cup holder with a diameter of 2.75-3.25 inches. Once installed, you can use it to secure any of the popular water bottle brands of 18-40oz.  Your water bottle is not likely to topple over, thanks to the 3.8’’ height of this extender, which also has a cut-out for cups that have handles.  The bottom is equipped with a rubber pad to effectively protect the cup and eliminate noise.  

Smart Kup car cup holder for Hydro Flasks, Nalgene & other large bottles

Best cup holder expander for Yeti - Smart Kup car cup holder extender

This mid-range car cup holder adapter has a tapered base that fits in most car cup holders, even the smaller ones. The 3’’ upper cup height prevents your water bottle from toppling over, while the 1’’ cut out on the side is for your containers that have handles. Large enough for 32-40 0z m water bottles, the cup holder is available in black or charcoal. Overall, a solid pick if you are looking for an affordable car cup holder adapter.

Also, check out the Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter which is pretty similar to the Smart Kup except that it has a foam rubber sleeve that wraps around the base for a more snug fit. You want this extra feature if your car’s car cup holder is on the larger side.

What is the standard cup holder size in cars?

This differs from vehicle to vehicle, but on average, a standard cup holder has an overall diameter of 3.15”. The diameter of the cup hole is on average 2.675’’ diameter, while the depth is 2.25”. These dimensions can hardly fit large mugs or water bottles, hence the need for aftermarket cup holder expanders and adapters.


HeightExtendable baseCompatibilityNot compatible withPrice
Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter3.75”2.6″-3.8″20-40oz bottles: Hydro Flasks 18-40oz, Yeti 20/26/30 oz, Nalgenes 30/32/38/48 oz, Camelbak 20-40oz, Takeya 17-40oz, Klean Kanteens 16-40oz, Healthy Human 16-40oz, RTIC 20-40ozRambler 14 oz Mug$25.99
Seven Sparta3.7” 2.5″-3.75″Yeti 20/26/30oz, Hydro Flasks 32/40oz, Nalgenes 30/32/38/48oz, Camelbak 32/40ozRambler 14 oz Mug/Rav4; Mini$39.99
Joytutus Cup Holder Expander3.9”NoHydro Flasks 18oz/40oz, Hydro Cell 16oz-40oz, Nalgenes 16oz/48oz, Yeti Ramblers 12oz-36oz,  Klean Kanteens 18oz-40oz, Contigo 21oz, Takeya 32oz-40oz, Healthy Human 32oz-40oz, Gatorade 32ozYeti 14oz mug, Volvo xc90, 2021 Lexus GX460, Subaru Crosstrek, Subaru Outback, 2016 Toyota RAV4$19.99
Smart Kup3”No. 32/40 oz Hydro Flask, 40 oz 50/50 Flask, Nalgene bottle 32 oz, Gatorades$14.95
BottlePro3”No32/40 Ounce Hydro Flasks, Iron Flasks, Takeyas, Simple Modern, Nalgene, Klean Kanteen, Thermoflasks, Fifty Fifty, 36 ounce YETI Ramblers20/30 YETI Ramblers and 14 ounce YETI mugs.$16.95

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