Best Car Air Freshener for Smokers 2022

These scents will rid your car of that smoke smell for good.

The Best Ways to Remove Smoke Smells from Your Car

Regular car air fresheners just don’t cut it when it comes to eliminating smoke smell from your car. Cigarette smoke will permeate your car interior, leaving that lingering smell that only the best car air freshener for smokers can remove.

We found these great car air fresheners for smokers that work so much better than regular air fresheners. These filters, gels, sprays, and bags will help eliminate any lasting odors. These 3 topped our list – scroll deeper for more details of these and more helpful info.

Things to consider

When shopping for an air freshener for smoking, you might have a couple of questions. Such as how can I replicate new car smell? And, what is the best deodorizer for cigarette smoke?

Types of car air fresheners

For smokers, inexpensive car air fresheners like the cardboard air freshener just won’t cut it. They might mask the stench for a short period, but you will soon be back on the market for a more premium odor eliminator for cars. Here are the best car air freshener types for smoke smells.

Activated bamboo charcoal air purifiers

These car air freshener types are made of highly absorbent bamboo charcoal to soak in all those unpleasant odors. Most are fragrance free and are among the longest lasting car air freshener available in the market.

Car plug-in air fresheners

These air purifiers plug into your 12-volt socket or lighter. They have a range of features, such as lighting or phone charging capabilities. They release a light scent of ozone that removes bad order and smell from the car. Plus, they are quick-release items, which is great for quick results.

Spray air fresheners.

Car air freshener sprays also come in aerosol cans. So you can simply spray your car to eliminate tough odors. However,  depending on how strong the smell of cigarette smoke is, the spray may not be the best option for you. 

Smoke and odors eliminator gel

We like that the gel air freshener for car emits a consistent fragrance to keep your car fresh at all times. Additionally, they are great for fighting lingering smelly odor. Simply place the gel odor absorber where the odor is strongest.  The gel is available in a container, which could be resealed when required.

10 Top Products to Get That Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

1.     VZee Air Purifier Charcoal Bags

VZee Air Purifier Charcoal Bags natural cigarette smoke odor eliminators

This smoke odor remover is made of super-absorbent activated bamboo charcoal packed in a beautiful porous linen bag. It works by efficiently absorbing smoke and other odors and can last for a year – one of the longest-lasting car air fresheners!

To reactivate, simply put out the bags in the sun for an hour or so.  We liked that the bags come in 200g, which gives more absorbing efficiency than 100g bags. These come in packs of 8, but if you want a 4-pack, the Urbanetic activated charcoal air purifying bag is a solid option too.

2.     NosGUARD SG Auto Odor Eliminator

NosGUARD SG Auto Odor Eliminator car deodorizer for smokers

Just one pouch of this professional-strength chlorine dioxide treatment removes tough smoke odors that have accumulated over time.  It works by releasing a deep penetrating vapor that eliminates tough odors within 4-6 hours, leaving behind a crisp, clean scent that dissipates once you air out your car.

Overall, a good smoke odor eliminator and car air freshener for automobiles cars, trucks, RVs, trailers.

3.     Febreze 4-Pack Smoke Odor Eliminator

Febreze 4-Pack Gel Smoke Odor Eliminator

This car air freshener features an intensity control so you can release just the right amount of scent to combat the smoke smell. Users love the fresh, orangey scent that helps get rid of the lingering odors while not being overpowering.

Plus they come in packs of four and a good deal for your money.

4.     FreshFX Armor All Fogger Rapid Odor Remover

FreshFX Armor All Fogger Rapid Odor Eliminator Car Bomb Spray

This smoke odor remover will infuse your car’s interior, vent and duct system with a pleasant midnight air scent. A fogger, its effects on the smoker’s car are immediate. One thing to note, however, is that rather than eliminating the smoke odor, this car scent for smokers masks it and so may fade with time.

5.     PURGGO Activated Charcoal Car Air Freshener

PURGGO Car Air Freshener fragrance-free smoke smell eliminator

Users with heightened breathing sensitivities will love this chemical- and fragrance-free smoke smell eliminator. Made from porous bamboo charcoal, these super absorbent air fresheners soak up the smoke smell to leave your car fresh and clean. To recharge, simply place the Purggo car air freshener in the sun for a few hours every month.

6.     Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel & Spray

Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel Car Air Freshener

Spray Ozium in your car overnight and leave the windows closed. Repeat until all traces of the smoke smell is gone, leaving a light and pleasant scent in your car or home.

7.     Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator

Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray and Gel

This spray eliminates smoke smell immediately, leaving a crisp, clean scent behind. Its formulation thwarts all types of smoke including tobacco, marijuana, and bonfire. Plus, it is a bargain odor eliminator that does the job in one spray. Note – do not spray directly on upholstery, fabrics or painted, plastics, or rubber surfaces.

8.     Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel natural car air freshener gel

Trying to get rid of accumulated smoke smells from your car? This natural car air freshener gel is non-toxic and uses plant-based ingredients like pine needle, lime, anise, and cedarwood to absorb and neutralize unpleasant scents. This low-key car air freshener gel offers continuous removal of lingering odors to leave behind a fresh environment

9.     Cannabolish Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray

Cannabolish Smoke Odor smoke air freshener spray

This plant-based smoke ordour remover gets rid of cannabis smoke smell from your upholstery and clothes instantly.  A deodorizer, it smells pleasantly like a mix of essential oils. You can buy the spray, gel or candle form.


Q: Why do you need a special car air freshener for smokers?

A: Do you need a special air freshener for car? The answer is yes, if you want to avoid a lingering smoke smell in your car. You may not notice it, but any non-smoker who get in your car will. A deodorizer will dissipate the smell of strong smoke odor, while a gel or bamboo charcoal air purifier will do for a light smoker.

Q: How to use air fresheners for smokers?

A: The car air fresheners come with easy-to-follow instructions. Simply leave the gels, filters, and activated charcoal bags out in your car overnight or as directed.  Other times, you need to apply the deodorizer to the fabric material. Deep treatments and ozone odor eliminators will have different application processes, but either way, just follow the instructions on the packaging or online.

Our top pick is the PURGGO car air freshener, a super absorbent activated charcoal odor eliminator bag that is fragrance-free and will last you a long time. For tough smoke smells, go for the NosGUARD SG Auto Odor Eliminator treatment.

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